The Power of Pets

People love animals; I have never met a person that doesn’t. Whether they enjoy dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, hamsters, geckos, parakeets, ferrets, hedgehogs, or even just a goldfish, most people would like to have a pet in their life—and most people would benefit from it, especially through their college years. A pet can be a great pick-me-up during a rough patch, and they can definitely help with the stresses of work or school.

If you are looking to get a pet, you have several options. Of course, you could always find a breeder in town and buy a high-dollar pet. However, as a college student, you probably only have about $12 and a couple of gift cards in your wallet (don’t worry, I’m broke too). Instead of dropping a few hundred bucks on your new pet, you could instead try the Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley. They receive new cats and dogs every day, and these animals are in need of a new home. If you check the website consistently, you are bound to come across an animal that catches your eye. The adoption fee is only $25 for all animals, and they are all microchipped, spayed/neutered, and they have their shots. 

Of course, you might not be looking for the traditional cat or dog. If you are more interested in a reptile or rodent, there are a few local areas that have what you’re looking for. PetCo sells a variety of animals, as well as all of the equipment you need to take care of them. Cross City Exotics also sells pets in Las Cruces, or there is a store called Finos Rainforest in El Paso. Overall, there are several options for you to find the perfect pet in local areas.

If you aren’t looking for the long-term commitment of owning an animal, you could also take up a foster program. Places like the Animal Services Center of Mesilla Valley offer the option of fostering animals part-time. These pets would still be available for other to adopt, but you would take them in and care for them in your home. Additionally, many foster programs also help you pay to care for the animal, so it is less strenuous on your bank account.

Sadly, college students can’t always have the pets that they want. If you’re living in the dorms, you are not allowed to have an animal. Furthermore, many apartment complexes and even rental houses don’t allow pets—and if they do, they charge a ridiculous amount to keep them, making it that much more difficult. If you are an animal lover that can’t have an animal, you could also try volunteering. Animal adoption centers are always looking for volunteers to clean cages and help with the care of animals. Not only does this allow you to contribute to your community, but you also have the opportunity to spend time with the furry friends that you can’t otherwise have in your life.

I believe that pets are a great idea for many college-aged students. As adults on our own for the first time, they give us a great opportunity to love an animal while learning responsibility. Not everyone can afford them or keep them in their home. However, having a pet around could be a great way to unwind and find a loyal and loving companion for your home. If you have the resources to own and care for an animal, I would suggest looking around and finding one to give a home.