Out with Thanksgiving, In with Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! After gaining about 10 pounds, getting asked about your ex or why your single and explaining your major for the hundredth time to your Uncle Tony, it’s time to get ready for Christmas! So, here’s some fun stuff to do to really start getting into the  holiday spirit!

  • Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Even if you’re in a dorm room or in a small apartment, Christmas Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Make a night out of it with people you love or if you’re solo, put on some Christmas music and have a blast! If you truly can’t find any space, get some garland from the dollar store and paste strips on your wall in the shape of a tree! Or, buy some mini lights and form them on your wall in the shape of a tree! It is simple to add a Christmas classic wherever you are this season!

  •  It’s truly, a Wonderful Life!

    So, what’s better than Christmas movies? Let’s be real, I have always been a sucker for the classics. Every Christmas Eve since I can remember has been spent at my grandma’s house, with sugar cookies and tamales, with the heartwarming classic, It’s a Wonderful Life playing in the living room. It has become really one of my favorite movies of all time. Now, if heartwarming and equally heartwarming movies aren’t your style, there is always funny light hearted ones, like Santa Clause or Home Alone. Take a night to go to a different world and enjoy!

  • Bake! Bake! Bake some more

I have done bake offs just for fun, but I find them even better when you’re with your friends and it’s the holiday season. See who can make the best dessert for the holiday or try and see who can make the best of one certain Christmas favorite. Who makes the best sugar cookies, who decorates the best or who has the best go-to, stay in and watch Hallmark christmas movies. Whatever it is, adding baking and in turn eating, will definitely make the night that much better and festive.

Tis the season!

This is the time of year to cherish friends and loved one, past memories and all the more you’ll soon be making. The holiday season is made to not only get gifts and do these things I suggested above...I think it most important goal for this season is to make everlasting memories. Happiest of holidays to all of you!