NMSU Student Foundation President- Kendra Wardon

If you haven’t heard about the Student Foundation you are seriously missing out because the job they do is amazing! This week I interviewed the President of this organization, Kendra Wardon, and she told me all of the amazing work that they do and honestly everyone should now about this student organization and more people need to support them.

  • Name: Kendra Wardon
  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Double Majoring in Animal Science and Wild Life Conservation


  • What is the Student Foundation?

 “The student foundation helps different NMSU organizations to raise funds for any cause, we make a video for them and help the reach their goal by posting it in our website and social media”

  • How long has this organization been around campus?

“The organization started last year”

  • Who founded/started this organization?

“We are a part of University Advancement so they are the ones that work with alumni’s to get funding for different things like scholarships, improving the university and so we wanted to focus on alumni”

  • Why do you focus on alumni?

“Because studies have shown that people who felt involved in school while they were here would be the ones to donate back to the university”

  • What is your goal besides fundraising?

“We want to encourage students to give back as they mature and find causes, whether that's the university or something they are passionate about, so that philanthropy is a part of their life and that they get back to create a stronger community wherever they are”

  • What has been the biggest project that you have done so far?

“It was the Gage Gavin Endowed Scholarship which supports PGA Golf Management Students with learning disabilities, which founded $23,198.”

  • When is your next meeting?

“Tuesday the 24th at 6:30 in the Health and Sciences Auditorium”

  • Who should come?

“Everyone is welcome, and it’s open membership so people can join whenever they wish”

  • Is this open only to the NMSU Las Cruces campus or is it also available to the other campuses?

“Our meeting are here, but anyone a part of NMSU can apply, including the Doña Ana Community College”  

  • Do you have any other events coming up soon?

“ Yes , we have tabling events on Tuesday the 24, Thursday the 26 and Tuesday the 31 from 1-3 in Corbett if anyone wants to come and learn more about us and the projects”

  • Why should people contribute to this projects?

“The purpose of this is building a mentality of students helping students in campus and impact other students”

  • Where can students donate and is there a minimum or maximum for donating?

“You can donate any quantity if go to Dove Hall or one of our tabling events, which you can see though the aggie life app,  and online through our webpage is a minimum of 5 dollars” 

  • How many projects did you have last year?

“Last year we had 13 projects, over 70K raised in the first year, 7 of the 13 projects were funded 100% or more”

Currently they have 3 different projects going on:

If you would like to learn more about these projects and donate you can go to their website https://makeastatement.nmsu.edu, or if you would like to create your own project and get help for funds you can go to their page and click on the Apply Tab. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebok; you can look them up as stu_foundation or NMSU Student Foundation. Let’s help support other students to create a stronger community inside all of the NMSU campuses. 


 Courtesy of Student Foundation Facebook