To My F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friendship is one of the most impactful things in our lives. At a very young age, we start forming these relationships, that may last a lifetime if you're lucky. But sometimes, we may find ourselves moving from friend to friend until we find the perfect match.

In my 20 years of life, I've had a lot of friends. Some that did not stand the test of time, and some that I can still count on, though we may not talk or see each other every day. However, it wasn't until college that I found people that I want in my life for a long time. Let me clarify, at the beginning of my college career the people that I choose to hang out with were not great. A friend is supposed to be your biggest supporter, and should always be there to build you up not bring you down. Unfortunately, I've had friends in the past, that has not filled the role of a good friend. These friends have brought me down various times and still had the audacity of calling themselves my best friends.  These friendships are toxic, and of course, I am not perfect and I've had moments where I have not been a good friend. But I've grown, learned and moved past it, now that I'm older I'm learning to appreciate the people around me. For once I have found a group of friends where toxicity is nonexistent and good times are always prevalent. Let me just tell you a little about the people I call friends. This friend is the distance friend meaning that though we may not see each other or talk every day, the bond is still strong. As cliche, as it sounds this person, will always be there when I need them. Any kind of distance can affect a relationship but when you finally find someone who can handle it, it’s like you found the friendship jackpot. I feel like every person has or had a friend who may not be as present but no matter what happens they will always make an effort to be there. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend like that, despite being exactly 2,333.3 miles away I know that she’s a facetime call away.

Every group of friends has their own version of the outgoing friend. In my group of friends, I have a crazy outgoing person that I can always count on to push me out of my comfort zone. This person has a lot of energy, so much in fact that most of the time I don’t need coffee to give me energy, all I have to do is talk to her. This person always makes my day and encourages me to better myself by trying new things.  This type of friend builds you up to be a better version of yourself. She is the kind of friend that is willing to do anything and take risks with you even if a wild and random night that we can laugh about afterward.

Another one of my friends is someone who is very present as in we spend a lot of time together but somehow we fail to get tired of each other. This person is selfless and honest. This is the type of friend that you can talk to about anything, but will not hold back from telling what you need to hear. Though the truth may be hard to hear at times, I can always count on the fact that this person has my best interest at heart.

Friendship is a pretty complicated thing, and it's something that takes time to fully develop. Though in our lives we will meet many people and make many friends, don't forget the friends that make you happy, spontaneous, and grounded. Because finding friends is easy but keeping them becomes difficult. The future is still uncertain, and who knows maybe in a couple of years the friends I have now will be a mere memory. But as long as I have them I will cherish every laugh, every lunch date, and every random girl talks that we have.