My Current Obsession: Friends

If you know me you know that I love to binge watch Netflix TV shows. Even when I have school I still make some time to watch a good TV show. So far I have seen Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, The Office of course and now Friends. I had always heard that Friends was a good TV show, I even added it to my list to watch. I had held it off for the longest time until last semester that is. My best friend and roommate is the biggest Friends fanatic I know. Her and I would argue which show was better. I was rooting for The Office and she for Friends. Well safe to say that she won because I started watching it and now I am OBSESSED! I can’t stop watching it and if you haven’t taken a chance on it let me explain why it’s a good show and hopefully I will change your mind. That is of course you already are watching it.   

  • Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani is by far the best character on the show, at least to me. He came up with the ‘How you doing?’ he is the funniest character and he has own sleeping animal. I consider him to be my spirit animal when it comes down for the love of food. If I can recall, he went out on a date and his date went over to his plate and grabbed a fry. Now I don’t want to spoil the episode, but he didn’t go out with her again. Once I saw that I immediately thought wow! Joey is my spirit animal.

  • Ross and Rachel


Ross and Rachel are the definition of“whatever is meant to be, will be” they go through so many ups and downs throughout their relationship. He had a crush on her for 10 years and he never made the first move until she reappeared into his life again. Although Ross isn’t my favorite in some way him and Rachel are still somewhat relationship goals. I will admit I don’t like Ross in some of the later seasons, but in the end he does redeem himself.

  • Monica and Chandler

Just like Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler are also the epitome of relationship goals. They too were also friends first for a very long time and then they moved to a serious relationship. How did that happen? I wont ruin that for you.  This is one relationship where I hope to experience for myself. Monica is a successful chef who is independent and always knows what she wants. Chandler is some funny, dorky guy who works for an advertising agency. Chandler at first couldn’t handle a serious relationship until he got together with Monica and their character growth throughout the seasons is beautiful. They go through their first wedding, their first adoption and their buying their first home. They are both my favorite for so many reasons.  

  • Rachel and Phoebe

These two girls are my favorite. If you’re already fan of the show you know how iconic these two are. But first, Phoebe, she is the most energetic, bold and unique character of the whole show. She is a musician and a massage therapist. Phoebe is the creative brain behind the song ‘Smelly Cat’ and honestly it’s the catchiest song you will ever hear.  And Rachel, played by Jennifer Anniston of course is the perfect Rachel. Her character starts with her leaving a guy at the altar and she starts all over again in New York City. She finds a new job. Lives with Monica. Find love with Ross. She defies all the odds without the help of her parent’s money and with the help of her FRIENDS.

If you have this show on your Netflix list and you haven’t seen it yet. I suggest you do.