The Music Festival Revolution


The weather is getting warmer, the grass is getting greener, and the music festivals are starting to arise. As you find yourself counting down the days until summer break you can also start thinking about attending a festival.

Over the past few years’ music festivals have become a huge phenomenon throughout the world. Major festivals such as Coachella, Ultra, and Lollapalooza each have their own unique lineups that are filled with many artists of different genres. These festivals each have certain environments that they promote; these environments are established by different themes, costumes, and activities that you could participate in. Coachella promotes more of an indie environment, whereas Ultra promotes more of an electric environment.

There are many reasons as to why you should attend a festival.  Music festivals are a great way to hear new artists and to explore the wonderful world of music. Usually there are multiple stages with different artists performing at the same time. You may not like certain genres, and that is okay! You can always move on to the next stage and find an artist you may like.

Since there are many artists performing, you have a pretty good chance of meeting a celebrity as well. Many celebrities attend music festivals and if you are lucky, you could snag an autograph or a photograph.

These events are normally held outdoors which makes it a great activity in the spring or summer. Some festivals offer spots for camping so the fun can continue for multiple days. When the weather is nice you can work on your tan and relieve some stress from school in the fresh air, all while listening to your favorite band or artist. They tend to last all day so you don’t want to forget sunscreen and water.

Another bonus of attending a festival is the amazing memories you can make with your friends! You can coordinate outfits, plan fun road trips, and bond over the new music you discover. You can experience a new world of music and explore together. The time you spend together could even make your friendships stronger.  

There is nothing like experiencing a music festival, so get your friends together and start planning early!