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Movies with Latinx Stories That Will Teach You Something

Let’s talk about Latinx stories, or better yet, watch them. While stories about Latinx people are few and far between, I picked out some movies that tell some great Latinx stories that will tug at the heartstrings and maybe even teach you something. 


Directed by one of Mexico’s finest filmmakers Alfonso Cuaron, Roma is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. It’s tremendously heartfelt and heartbreaking all at the same time. It is masterful in its execution. This story of a middle-class family in Mexico is told through the eyes of their live- in maid, played beautifully by first-time actress Yalitza Aparicio. This film earned and won its many nominations for a reason. 

John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons

While this technically isn’t a movie, it’s still incredible. This is the filmed version of Leguizamo’s one-man show on Broadway. You will definitely learn a lot while laughing your butt off as Leguizamo teaches you about Latin history. Definitely give this one a shot. 

Zoot Suit

This is a fantastic classic film that I don’t think many people have heard about. Based on the Broadway play of the same name, Zoot Suit is a story that takes place during the real-life events of the Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots. This is an extremely important event in Mexican-American history, so be sure to watch this and learn about an important and often ignored part of history. 

Pan’s Labyrinth

This is a Spanish classic and for many great reasons. Not only is it visually gorgeous, but the story is also so perfectly whimsical and well told. It has since garnered status as a cult classic for its uniqueness and beautiful imagery. Do your eyeballs a favor and watch this!


Learn about the life of artist Frida Kahlo in this biographical film starring Salma Hayek. It’s a well-done film that will teach you about the life of one of Mexico’s most iconic artists whose work changed the art world forever. 

Los Lobos

This is a sweet film about a Mexican family with two children who simply dream of going to Disneyland. It’s a little-known indie film with a lot to say. Follow this family as the meaning of the American dream is questioned as well as what it means to be an immigrant. 

Instructions Not Included

This film is both funny and heartwarming. It’s a nice film to sit down and watch with the entire family. It’s about a man who unexpectedly finding himself a career as a Hollywood stuntman while trying to raise his daughter all on his own. This one will surely tug at your heartstrings and have you reaching for the closest box of tissues. 

Real Women Have Curves

Now, this is a story that I feel many of us can relate to. A young woman tries to break free from her traditional family and go off to college. Dealing with an overbearing mother, a new relationship, body image, and dreams of going to college is hard for a young girl. This one is highly relatable and highly worth your time. 

Raised in El Paso, TX, an avid feminist that loves her dog and the written word.
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