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Martin Fack: Exchange Student


From Denmark to New Mexico, 26-year-old Martin Fack shares a little about his experience studying abroad in America, the adventures he’s been on so far and his view on how different his time at NMSU is from his life at home.

Name: Martin Fack

Age: 26

Country/City: Aahus, Denmark

Is this the first time you study abroad? If yes, why did you decide to become an exchange student?

Yes. I decided to be an exchange student because it was a good experience to do it now before I settle down and get a family and everything.

Why did you choose to come to New Mexico?

My professor back home told me that NMSU was a great place to go and that there was a great chance to get me and Henrik (friend and classmate from Denmark, who is also studying abroad at NMSU) together.

How this experience abroad is going for you? What has been your favorite part of your time here?

It is a great experience. It is nice to meet new people from all over the world. My favorite part is probably all the good friends I’ve made here, travelling all around with them and seeing all the new stuff.

Where have you travelled so far?

I have been to Houston, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I also went on trips in New Mexico such as a camping trip to Gila National Forest and Carlsbad Caves. I would really like to visit Grand Canyon and San Francisco.

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of living abroad?

Leaving your family at home is pretty hard, I think. I would recommend this experience to others, but they need to make a decision and see if they can handle being apart from home for a long period of time.

What are the major differences between Denmark and the United States?

I think people are very different there and here. In America, people are more friendly and it is easy to approach and talk to strangers than it is in Denmark. Also, the school has more of a “social” life than back home. Everyone lives on campus and always get together after classes. Back home we go to school about eight hours a day so we don’t have that much of a social life.



I am an exchange student from Brazil studying Journalism and Mass Communications at NMSU. I love traveling, meeting new people, cultures and telling their stories. :)
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