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Love, Simon is Important and Everyone Should Watch It.

Love, Simon is the newest teen comedy about high school senior Simon Spier, based on the novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli. Simon is a normal teenage boy, except he has one huge secret that keeps him from being completely himself. No one in his life knows he’s gay. When someone from his school anonymously reveals that they are also closeted, Simon is determined to find out who it is.

This movie, directed by Greg Berlanti, is incredibly sweet and heartwarming. Simon is played fantastically by Nick Robinson who makes his character so endearing, empathetic, and loving. You are on his side the whole way through. This movie is a modern day John Hughes esque teen romance. Berlanti clearly has more to him than producing superhero shows like The Flash and Supergirl for the CW. This film is incredibly funny. There were very few jokes that fell flat, and the theater that I was in was filled with the sound of laughter through and through. The emotional moments in this movie are also incredibly well done. This movie can definitely be quite the tear-jerker so be sure to take some tissues when you go and see this.

I cannot stress enough how important this movie is. This is the first mainstream teen comedy about a gay protagonist that many people even know about. Never has a movie like Love, Simon garnered so much media attention. This movie needed to be good. Stories like this are not told very often, so when they are it is important that they are told well, so that hardly anyone can say that movies like these cannot be well done. This movie will mean so much to so many people both young and old. The main theme of this movie is that everyone deserves a love story, and this movie does an incredible job of showing us that. Throughout this film, we learn that Simon is just as normal as anyone else and that he gives us no reasons not to love him.

This story deals with a teenager coming out of the closet, which is no easy thing. This movie handles this topic with such care, poise, and relatability, that those of us who have never had to go through such a difficult time, might understand the struggles of revealing a deep secret that can change our lives forever. Those who do have to go through this, or decide that they will at some point, will hopefully be able to see themselves on-screen in a way that they never have before through our protagonist Simon. It’s about time that we see a modern classic in the making that represents a part of the world that we rarely ever get to see with such prominence and craftsmanship. This is a teen comedy where Simon is nothing more than human and his sexuality is never the butt of the joke. His love story is treated as any other love story should be told: with heart and sensitivity.

Love,Simon is incredibly important and relevant in the time we live in right now. Everyone needs to see it so that we can get more movies like this one made. In the theater, I was in an emotional rollercoaster of a ride, but I enjoyed every second of it. As I was leaving the theater, I was so happy and overjoyed (as apparently was the rest of theater because there were some very audible squeals of excitement heard towards the ending of the movie). You can’t help but feel sorry and root for Simon as he faces the incredible difficulties that come with being his true self. This film is wonderfully wholesome and you will not regret purchasing a ticket to go and see Love, Simon.

Raised in El Paso, TX, an avid feminist that loves her dog and the written word.
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