Let's Talk About Condoms

Let's talk a little bit about safe sex. Specially, how condoms are vital for safe sex. I think that there are many who underestimate the importance of condoms. But, I am here to tell you that using condoms can be one of the cheapest and effective way of birth control.

Condoms add a layer of protection that act as a shield against various diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

According to Teen Health Center, condoms are not always 100 percent effective, and they do run the risk of breaking. However, they do “prevent body fluids from mixing. Semen and vaginal fluid are considered bodily fluids. Semen is a fluid that comes out of a penis after orgasm. Vaginal fluid is from the vagina to prepare for sex.”

Many studies have been conducted that have discovered why men should consider wearing condoms for their own protection and their partners’ well being. According to Family Planning.org, wearing a condom is a safe method if and when it is used correctly. Because when a condom is used correctly “every time a woman and a man have sex, two women out of 100 will get pregnant each year”, and typically “15 out of 100 will get pregnant each year when using condoms as contraception.”  

Condoms are also extremely useful because they provide a barrier against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, of course when they are used correctly. Many studies have proven this to be true. The studies involved several couples, where one was infected with HIV and the other was not. The objective of the studies were to ensure whether or not condoms would shield the unaffected participant. In the first study it showed “if condoms were used correctly, none of the uninfected partners contracted HIV. Where as if condoms were not used correctly, “10 out of every 100 partners became infected.” The second study showed that two out of 100 women became infected when condoms were always used. Fifteen out of 100 women “became infected if condoms were not used every time.”

To many, condoms are not the best option due to the common misconception that condoms kill the mood during sex. First of all it is always better to be safe and protected thus, it's worth taking the time to put on a condom correctly. And second, there are many different types of condoms. Planned Parenthood states that everyone is bound “to find a condom that fits right and feels good.” In fact, “some condoms are actually designed to make sex more pleasurable: textures like studs and ribbing, colors, flavors, and ultra-thin materials, and even special lubricants can all add to the fun”.

Condoms are also very accessible and can be purchased pretty much at any store and they are also cheap opposed to other contraceptives. Many health facilities or college campuses make such as NMSU make it a point to hand out free condoms for the safety of their students or young people who are more likely to contract a disease or unwanted pregnancy.

However, also because of this it's important to use your best judgment on the type of condoms you used and where you get them from. Though, modern condoms are made from latex, which is a type of plastic with less chemicals, it is still essential that you inspect a condom before use and perhaps invest on a better brand. However, some people are allergic to latex, but there are condoms that are not made from latex but provide the same protection and pleasure.

In the end sex should be something that should be enjoyable for both partners. However it's vital to be safe as well as educated with the various methods that provide that safety. Condoms can be easily accessible and provide this safety as well as pleasure.