Lessons I Learned from Blair Waldorf

I binge watch so many shows on Netflix.  So, when I find a good show with good characters I have to write about them. For awhile I was obsessed with Pam Halpert from “The Office” then I moved on to Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation” now my new obsession is Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl.” Each of these fictional characters have offered me some sort of lessons in one way or another but today I’m going to be focusing on the Queen B.  Now, I know Gossip Girl is a show that has been around for a long time but I’ve recently just finished the whole series on netflix and I am infatuated with the world of the upper east side in New York City.

Blair Waldorf is one of those characters that you really can’t put in a box. She’s a mean girl no doubt, but I admire her confidence. Not to mention she has a killer wardrobe. But that’s aside the fact that she is one fictional character that I think a lot of girls should look up to. This is what she taught me throughout the six seasons of Gossip Girl.


She never thought less of herself! She knew who she wanted and what she wanted. Even though I don’t agree with her scheming and her antics. I believe every woman should know how to value herself when it comes to your career, love life and school.


This one was hard for to take in because at times I struggle with trying to make everyone like me. Sometimes though, it just happens. Even with Blair sometimes it happened but in the end she remembered that “you can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.”  I once recall her telling Jenny Humphrey. I mean if people end up talking about you for whatever reason so be it. You move on and do what you got to do.



Blair Waldorf is one of the characters in the show that was really good at creating schemes and using manipulation for her favor. But even then she was always still there for Chuck and Serena. No matter how many fights her and Serena had she was always there for her and sometimes would scheme for Serena as well. Most people might say she was the worst but I honestly think she was the heart of show next to Dan Humphrey. I mean yes, it's wrong to manipulate others but as you keep watching the series she has so much character growth when her and Chuck finally end up together. She learns to forgive more, give second chances and even date lonely boy for a bit. Our movies always show how the mean girl never has a heart but in Blair Waldrof’s case I think she does and I admire that.


4) GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!

No, seriously though you should. I mean of course when you have money... we are in college and I’m sure a lot of us are mostly broke, but when you do have money from your work-study job go and spoil yourself! What I learned from Blair with shopping is sometimes when you’ve worked so hard with school or life you should be able to treat yourself. I was so inspired by the fashion in this show that I told myself for next fall I am upgrading my wardrobe game. I don’t have millions of dollars like Blair but that’s not going to stop from looking I belong in the upper east side of New York City.