Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You woke up to realize that Halloween is days away and you never planned a costume. All of your friends are doing something and you've been invited to a party. What should you do? Well my dear collegiate women, you probably already have all your materials. Let's get started. 

Cat Costume

I know it's a cliche, but it's classic and cute cat costumes are easy, and you probably already have a pair of ears from a few years ago. If not, ears are super easy to make. 


  • Wire Coat hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Headband
  • Ribbon that matches your hair
  • Glue
  • Spray paint
  • Creative sense


  1. Straighten your wire coat hanger.

  2. Shape a pair of ears out of your coat hanger. (It might be easier to shape on your head or on a mannequin head. Be sure to protect your eyes)

  3. Cut down to size, give the wire some extra room if needed.

  4. Spray paint your ears to desired color

  5. Connect your ears to the top of the headband with some glue then wrap with the ribbon to protect your hair and give extra comfort.

  6. Wear with pride!

Everyday Zombie

Another cliche but that's okay because it's creepy and easy. Besides, you probably already feel like a zombie from your classes so might as well look how you feel.


  • Matte blue eyeshadow or lipstick 
  • Matte dark red eyeshadow or lipstick (or fake blood if you're extra) 
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Small makeup brush
  • Some twigs (optional)


  1. Prep your face as you would normally for makeup

  2. Lightly shade your eye sockets with the blue eyeshadow. Add red wherever you need it to add depth and make it look like bruising. 

  3. Do the same thing to your lips and any area that would be sunk in. Highlight cheekbones and jawline. 

  4. With the red eyeshadow or fake blood, give yourself some "wounds," or put it around your mouth

  5. Take a small blue brush and dampen it. Get your eyeshadow on there and draw vein like lines in random areas. 

  6. Make sure your makeup looks realistic

  7. Wear it and be an awesome dead college student!


It's fall, I'm sure you already have some flannels. Dig through your closet, do you have a hat that matches one? 


  • Flannel of any color (red is classic)
  • A beanie that matches
  • Brown eyeliner or something to make a beard.
  • Black leggings or jeans
  • Hiking boots or yellow steel-toed boots


  1. Just get dressed in this outfit as normal 

  2. Wear your favorite makeup look that goes well with your color pallette

  3. Go about your day and be awesome and stylish

Rosie the Riveter

Feeling like a hard working feminist? Rosie the Riveter is for you. 


  • Denim button up shirt or a flannel
  • Jeans or black leggings
  • Bandana
  • Red lipstick 
  • Bobby pins
  • Tough girl attitude


  1. Take a look at the photo of Rosie the Riveter. Use her outfit for inspiration and reference.

  2. Pull your hair back into a bun, make sure you leave your bangs out front to work with

  3. Twirl your bangs up to create the Elvis 50s hair look you want for the outfit

  4. Finish with a bandana

  5. Get you best hardworking attitude ready and have an awesome Halloween!

A Character From Any of Your Favorite Shows or Movies

Feeling like you just want to represent someone? Dress up inspired by a character. Different characters require different materials.

Do some research and hit up a thrift shop. You should be able to pick out an outfit that works. Say you're doing something Scottish, wear plaid. Or English, long coat. Disney, something colorful. 


  1. Pick out a character you want to represent

  2. Go through your closet to find things

  3. Go thrift shopping if needed. Bring a friend to help. 

  4. Find things that fit in the theme

  5. Put together your outfit

  6. Get ready for an awesome day!