Knives Out: A Movie Review

2019 was the year for cinematic mastery in the theaters. Movies from across the globe were reaching new peaks and breaking records. Films from IT Chapter 2 to Avengers Endgame for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, people were flocking to get a seat. But there’s one film that stood out in its own unique way compare to everything else, Knives Out. This film is a modern-day murder mystery with a splash of comedy and enough plot twists and turns to keep you thinking the entire time.

The film centers on the ragtag and highly dysfunctional Thrombey family, who, after the death of the “patriarchal” family figure, are left scrambling for alibies as a detective comes sifting through their lives and most recent days to find out the cause of head Thrombey’s death.

I had heard reviews that praised this film, not just from critics but from friends and decided I needed to see for myself if it was worth the hype it was getting. I’m going to be completely honest, as someone who can get bored fairly easy with films nowadays, Knives Out kept my attention the entire time. My mind was reeling trying to solve the mystery with the characters on the silver screen.

There is always a chance for slight confusion, especially in a murder mystery/ whodunit type movie. Places where plot lines get crossed and twisted or are left completely unfinished all together, but this wasn’t one of them. This film had the ability to make a completely and utter mess of the timeline and the plot but only succeed in laying out a perfectly encompassed screenplay that left me wanting so much more. As I said before keeping my interest in a film, whether it’s in theaters or at home, is a difficult task. I like to be intrigued and the puzzle that film created was enough to do so.

Knives Out is also one of the best films of the 2019 year in terms of casting. With several A-list celebrities including Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and Jamie Lee Curtis, just to name a few. Each individual in the film played a critical part in the outcome and while there were a few characters that probably could’ve been beefed up more in terms of dialogue or character personality on screen, they all had a literal role to play. No character was left out of the puzzle or the plot.

Daniel Craig plays Benoit Blanc, a private detective hired to dig deep into Thrombey’s case and one of the only characters in the film that does not have a personal connection to the Thrombey family. I was really apprehensive at first, seeing Craig in a role that wasn’t an action type, namely James Bond, but I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed his performance. With a southern drawl that’s to die for and enough wit, Craigs character really puts on a good show.

Chris Evans was one of the headlining actors for this film. Like Craig, Evans seemed to be a bit out of his normal acting range of Captain America, no tight spandex suits or shields, just Evans in sweaters with a smirk that could send a sea of fan girls into hysterics. Evans character isn’t seen too much for the first portion of the film but ends up dropping in like a bomb and let me tell you it was worth the wait. Evans performance is completely different from most other roles I’ve seen him in and honestly, I was loving it. It was equal part sarcastic asshole and dreamy eyed sweetheart.

I’ll leave the rest of the actors and actresses for you all to discover considering there’s a lot of them but also not to possibly spoil anything important.

This film isn’t just amazing in my standards but in many of the critics as well. Rotten Tomatos rated the film at 97% certifying it Fresh. The film also received over fifteen award nominations and won seven of them. The film is also, as of February 6, 2020, getting a sequel.

Although this is technically a film of last year, it’s a must see for 2020. Truly enjoyable and a little something to keep you thinking.

Knives Out is still showing in select theaters and will be released on DVD February 25th, 2020.