Josh Groban—A Treasure

Josh Groban has been in the music business for over twenty-five years and it’s just now that I have become infatuated with him. I remember seeing him in a few episodes in “The Office” and one episode in “Parks and Recreation” and not thinking much of him. But, recently he has changed his appearance and I am not going to lie to you all that was the first thing that caught my attention. He grew a beard and starred in a Broadway play and my first immediate thought was why did I not start to notice him a lot sooner. Here are the few things that I have learned about the one and only Josh Groban and why I personally think he’s a treasure that must be taken cared of at all cost.

  • But, first things first, Josh Groban was born on February 27, 1981, in Los Angles, California. Groban dropped out of college only after few months to pursue a recording career. He was only at the age of 16 years old. His first solo album came out in the year of 2001 and sold four million copies. Josh is known all over the world. Not only can he sing in English with classical music, but also he can sing in Spanish and French.
  • At a young age, his vocal coach Seth Riggs submitted a tape with Josh singing a song from the Phantom of the Opera to producer David Foster. From there Josh was invited to sing at the inauguration of California governor Gray Davis.
  • Weeks later he ended up singing with Celine Dion because Andrea Bocelli wasn't able to attend the rehearsal for the 1999 Grammy awards. The producer called and first Josh said no, but the David Foster didn’t take no for an answer then he eventually went and performed with Celine Dion. From there, he was known as the “opera boy.”

  • Not many people know who Josh Groban is, well at least the friends I talk to. Mostly because his music is different compared to what’s out now. He sings classical music. He has done Broadway and sang for the new remake of Beauty and the Beast.  
  • One of the things that caught my eye with Josh is that he also has a big heart. He has such a heart for animals. He takes his dog Sweeney with him to all the tours. Sweeny­­­–Whom he named his dog after the Broadway shows “Sweeney Todd.” Cute. Right? Well, anyway, he is known to be a philanthropist.  He is a member of the Americans for the Arts Artist Committee. This committee testified before the house appropriations on the value of the arts during Arts Advocacy Day in 2009. He started the Find Your Light foundation in July 2011. This foundation helps young people through arts, education, and cultural awareness. They provide instruments and fund for arts programs in schools to introduce the arts and culture with technology.
  • The Broadway play that Josh starred in was The Great Comet of 1812. inspired by Leo Tolstoy's book 'War and Peace.'
  • His current projects have been acting in a new Netflix show called “The Good Cop” starring himself and Tony Danza. Along with a new show he also has a new album called “Bridges.” I really recommend listening to it. It’s uplifting and you can tell that he put his heart and soul into this album. I don’t buy Cds anymore, but this is one that I am going to purchase for sure.


Josh Groban may be another celebrity to you, but he has given me some hope in our dark twisted world. This 37-year-old guy I feel just gets me. He has been open about having depression and anxiety. Even though I have never been through depression, I do struggle with anxiety and his music has helped me cope with it.