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Taylor Swift via TikTok

It’s Not A Crime If It Doesn’t Rhyme

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

Taylor Swift has been trending ever since she released her new album, Red. Without a doubt, people are obsessed with the new album, ten minute long song, and short film. No one can stop talking about this album, especially on TikTok. Whether it’s pictures matching the lyrics or analyzing scenes from the movie, people on TikTok are sharing their opinions.

I can say for sure, I’m obsessed with the new album and my TikTok features multiple videos with swifties’ opinions. One of the main is people feeling uneasy about a phrase in the song, The Very First Night. In the song there is a verse where taylor says “They don’t know about the night in the hotel, they weren’t ridin’ in the car when we both fell. Didn’t read the note on the polariod picture. They don’t know how much I miss you”.

While the song is undoubtedly a bop there’s something about that verse in particular that throws it off. Throughout the song Taylor is really popping off. This phrase is the one part of the song that has build up and prepares the listener to yell the lyrics. I’ll even admit when this song plays on my spotify or TikTok I am ready to scream the words with one-hundred and ten percent of my soul. All that hype, for the end of the verse to throw off the rhyming scheme? It’s understandable fans may be left unsatisfied.

Lets face it, with the rest of the song rhyming it’s reasonable to be confused with the word choice. It’s obvious to most fans that the ending of the verse should be “her”. That ending creates more of an impact, instead of using “you” the verse would be “Didn’t read the note on the polariod picture. They don’t know how much I miss HER”. Some fans even took action themselves to edit the ending and give it that complete feeling.This led to one of the trending red audios on TikTok, where the fan edit includes the satisfying wording without an awkward or noticeable edit breaks.

Although fans are obsessed with the music, the trend of changing the lyrics has gone a bit too far. While some may argue in favor for the edits, others will support the original lyrics. Despite the ending not rhyming, some will say it doesn’t need the change if you consider the original meaning of the song.

In the verse people are changing, others are pointing out the perspective of the song. By looking at the perspective of the song and who it’s for, fans argue the ending is perfectly fine because Taylor is singing to someone in the song instead of singing about someone.

Whether or not the context of the song matters for the lyrics we can say without a doubt that Taylor has us wrapped around her finger. While some prefer the alternate ending to the original, Taylor’s music is gaining popularity regardless. Additionally, the edits and TikToks are only promoting streams for Taylor’s new album. Nonetheless, the album is amazing and the song is a bop regardless of the one verse without a rhyme at the end.

Hello! I'm Dolores, my pronouns are she/her, and I am a first year student at New Mexico State University. Some of my favorite hobbies are embroidery, photography, and making playlist. I enjoy writing articles that reflect my hobbies and other things I find interesting. I hope you enjoy my articles!