If I Have Deadlines, My Professors Should Too: The Grading Time Gap


I love college and all it has to offer. My college journey has been unforgettable, but one issue I’ve encountered along the way has been “the grading time gap.” 

How do professors expect us, as students, to improve when we don’t know how we are currently doing in class? As a senior in college, I have had the “pleasure” (I love school. Promise.) of completing assignments, homework, projects and even exams, and then having to wait weeks or even months to receive a grade or any feedback. How am I supposed to do better if I’m kept in the dark about my own work and effort? I mean, your girl is working hard; she just wants some affirmation.  

This is not an issue only I have encountered, but many of my friends and classmates have found themselves in the same distressing circumstances. Collectively, it is viewed as unfair — especially in courses where you need to be aware of your prior efforts on assignments, so you can make changes accordingly to progress and get the grade you want. 

I do recognize there are professors who work hard to put grades in at a timely manner and do regularly keep students informed of how they are doing but with the few that make us wait, something needs to be done.  

So, if I have a deadline for assignments in the syllabus, maybe my professors should have their own deadlines. 

I understand that professors have their own lives, and life definitely gets busy. However, if they set a deadline for themselves, it could benefit the performance and communication among their students. They also won’t have to cram their grading. Personally, I’d feel more confident in a class if grades or even feedback were given regularly . 

There are also ways to voice our concerns with our professors and simply communicate with them. Send them an email or message or speak to them after class or during office hours. If our professors are aware, then they can make those needed changes and updates. 

Addressing this issue can really make a difference in the academic journey of a student. It may get frustrating at times, but we are chingonas. We can handle it. We will. Just don’t go starting fights with professors now, cause ain’t nobody got time for that!