I’ve Been Called a “Cry Baby” All My Life

I am a Pisces and if you know nothing about astrology just know this one thing about us, we are known to be really emotional individuals. I’m not saying I’m emotional because I’m a Pisces, but it could explain it. When I was in 4th grade, my teacher asked us to put some personality traits of ourselves next to our photos. One of the traits I put for myself was “cry baby”. Back then, I didn’t know that the right word was “emotional”, my teacher explained that to me. But I didn’t know any better because as a kid that cried a lot at school, I was constantly called a “cry baby” by the other kids. 


I have always been that way though, I cried all the time, with no shame. That was because I didn’t know others saw it as something to be ashamed about. I never saw anyone cry as much as me at school though, not even my best friends so maybe that could’ve given me a clue. As I grew older though, I realized showing your emotions by crying like that was frowned upon. So, as I’ve progressed through the years, I haven’t cried in public as much. 


I still cry fairly often though. I cry when I am heartbroken, sad, angry, stressed, anxious. And during these “corona times” the crying hasn’t stopped. This pandemic really came out of nowhere and it changed so many things for me (like to many others), so crying, has been something that has helped let it all out; the anger, the sadness, the stress. 


Aside from the pandemic, the election was not helpful either. I felt even more angry and bitter. So, there was a lot of crying involved there too. I also cry during sad movies and characters dying in TV shows (The Vampire Diaries, I’m talking to you). So, crying is very helpful to me. 


My point to this is, being a “cry baby” is not a bad thing. It’s a lot better than bottling things up inside. I don’t know how people who only cry twice a year do it because after crying, I feel a lot better. There’s a stigma about crying, especially men crying, it is so frowned upon that it’s ridiculous. Crying is a good outlet, but people just enjoy judging others who do it. 


So, to my fellow Pisces, Scorpios, Cancers (water signs) and men, women, anyone who feels like crying has to be hidden, let’s normalize crying or at least not feeling ashamed for doing so. And making “cry baby” not an insult anymore.