How to Survive the Holiday Season When Your S.O. Is Far Away

Finally, it’s December! This is a very special time of year. There are lots of things to look forward to season. Finals will be over soon and we can all finally take the break we have been waiting for so anxiously. Before we know it we will be sitting around a tree, opening presents on Christmas day. Most people spend this special holiday with their significant other (if they have one), but what if you and your boo can’t be together during Christmas? The world is so big and there are many reasons why the world is keeping you guys apart. It could be you both have families that live in different states or maybe your S.O. has to work on Christmas, so it is difficult to really relax and celebrate. You may be feeling pretty down if this is the case but have no fear! There are plenty of fun things you can do yourself or with family and friends that can make the holiday feel less lonely.

  • Have a baking session!

Being alone can be boring, but one fun thing to do is bake! There are lots of cool holiday themed recipes on Pinterest and other websites such as If you don’t consider yourself a good baker, try a simple recipe even if it’s just sugar cookies. You can make them look festive with icing like the cookies pictures above! If you are confident in your baking skills challenge yourself with a slightly more difficult recipe. One recipe that seems a little bit tricky but oh so good is the Peppermint Pattie-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies recipe on If you like the peppermint mocha at Starbucks, this minty chocolate cookie is one you will most likely love!

  • Put up some Christmas decorations!

Get into the Christmas spirit by putting up some festive decorations! If you are feeling like your room or dorm is feeling ‘blah’, go out and get some decorations and maybe even a small tree to you to put on your desk. Also, you definitely don’t have to break the bank to get decorations. There are super cute decorations at Walmart and Target or even your local dollar store.

  • Make a future plan!

Even though you might not be able to spend the holidays with your boo this year, there is always next year! There are also lots of other holidays and vacation time that you and your S.O. can plan for. Make a date out of it by going to a café close to where you live and searching together some cool destinations you both would like to visit. If you all live far from each other go ahead and each search some ideas on your own and then Skype each other to share what you found!

The holidays can be special, even if you are not with your special someone. Try to think positive and look forward to next Christmas while still enjoying the personal time you may have during this one. Get your mind off of being separated for the time being by trying a cool recipe and decorating your house. You may find that being alone during the holidays isn’t so bad after all! If you just can’t bare the loneliness anymore, just remember that your boo is only a phone call away. Happy Holidays!