How I Plan To Execute My Last Semester Successfully!

School is already three weeks in at New Mexico University and to my surprise I still haven’t had a mental breakdown. I am a senior preparing for me to be sent out into the world. I’ve always considered myself an organized person, but this semester is different compared to past semesters. Why? Let me explain. Towards my last days during the fall semester which came and gone like a blur. I was in this Advertising Federation group at school. It was great I learned a lot, worked a strategy for a local restaurant that I was able to add to my resumé. I guess I was too good with my social media skills because that ended up with me getting a job as a social media marketer. Believe me I am forever grateful, but the pressure is on. Here are my ways I plan to succeed at my job, pass my classes, keep my social life and stay sane.

  • Now that I am officially a content creator and a student I plan on having two planners instead of one. I realized recently that having one planner for both objectives is a bad idea and keeps my mind scattered instead of narrowed and focused.
  • Eat healthier. In all my semesters here at NMSU I’ve always slacked eating healthy. But before going straight away to meal planning I want to start small and work my way up.
  • Wake up early. It seems really simple right? Put the alarm on my phone then wake up. NO! , Not for me. I struggle so much to wake up. Sometimes my mind will wake up, but my body wont. Especially during the colder season.
  • Next, you guessed it. Sleep early. I mean its common sense right? If I plan on waking up early I guess I should make some effort to sleep early.

  • Do homework days before instead of the night before. I know I am not the only student who struggles with this. I always read memes on how students usually do homework days and minutes before and I am one of them.
  • Drink more water. Again its another simple task, but while I am in school I only seem to be drinking nothing but coffee and even though I consider myself to be an avid coffee drinker it can be bad to be constantly be drinking caffeine. As I was told.
  • Read more. The subject of reading while I’m in school is kind of ancient to me because I am already reading nothing but textbooks for homework and reading for fun during school seems crazy. At least to me it does. Still. I am going to try to read more especially if its for fun, because I have also read somewhere that reading helps you become more articulate and all other benefits as well.

Lastly , I just want to be more present. Even though I have a job that requires me to be on the phone all the time I don’t want to be looking at my screen more than I have to already. Phones already take over our lives enough already. Hope this will help you or maybe take a look at your own goals and continue to work on yourself. Just remember that being successful is important, but so is your mental health. Have a great Spring semester Aggies!