Holiday Makeup Collections: What to buy and what to avoid

The time of year for every beauty lover is finally here. Many beauty brands are releasing their 2018 holiday collections as early as September. These collections are usually appealing to any makeup enthusiast because many brands go all out with these collections. The common theme with these holiday collections is that the packaging is over the top and the pallets are bigger than most, and these collections are exclusive to the holiday season.

Listen, I love makeup just as much as the next girl and I enjoy seeing the holiday displays at Sephora and Ulta at the start of October. But with the rapid growth of the beauty community, it's hard to keep up. If we are being completely honest, some of these collections are not birth breaking the piggy bank.  I am gonna show you some of the beautiful collections of this year and I am gonna give you my opinion on which collections are worth the splurge and which ones are not.


Too Faced The Ulta exclusive collection

This particular collection is only available at Ulta. Many times brands will release exclusive items to both Ulta and Sephora.   



This is called the Limited Edition Beauty Day Dreamer Makeup Collection. It retails for 42 dollars and it is only available at Ulta beauty in store and online. I believe for the price you are getting a good deal, you get 16 eyeshadows, four face products, a mascara, a full-size lip product, and a makeup bag. However, my only issue is that this eyeshadow pallet is nothing really different or exciting. The shadows are pretty warm for the most part, and it's very possible to find a dupe at the drugstore.  I feel like this collection would be great for someone barely exploring with makeup. This is great for a beginner because there are neutral eyeshadows with pops of color here and there and there are also face products such as a bronzer, highlighter, and two blushes.

However, if you are a makeup veteran, I would skip on purchasing this collection because you may have something similar to it already.

Too faced Sephora exclusive collection

This collection includes a pallet with 24 eyeshadows and four face products. It also comes with a travel size mascara, a facial spray, a lip gloss, and a makeup bag. This collection is from the Ulta exclusive collection. It also varies in price, it retails for 58 dollars and it is available both in store and online. In my personal opinion, I think this collection is worth the splurge. The pallet itself is more eye-catching and colorful. Just looking at the picture I can see the various looks that can be created. It also comes with other products that are popular for the brand. If you haven’t tried Too Faced this collection, is for you because you can try various products without doing so much damage to your bank account.


There are other things within the Too Faced holiday collection such as the gingerbread spice eyeshadow pallet($49) and the Under The Christmas Tree Breakaway Makeup Palette & Mascara, which has 3 different pallets($49).

The Tarte collection

I believe this pallet is only available at Sephora and it retails for 59 dollars.

Just like the Too faced pallet that is exclusive to Sephora, this also has 24 eyeshadows, four face products, and other items. In my opinion, these two pallets have very similar colors but at the same time, they are very different. I personally prefer this pallet simply because it appeals to me more I prefer the Tarte mascara and the eyeliner. However, both these pallets are great for the price it all simply depends on preference.

The other Tarte pallet has 25 eyeshadows and four face products plus lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. The collection retails for 49 dollars.

I think for the price this collection is great, but the eyeshadows, in particular, are not appealing to me and as a makeup junkie myself I feel like I already have these colors in my collection. Therefore, I think this pallet is a pass.


    My opinion comes from someone who loves makeup but is also a college student who doesn't have enough money to keep up with the beauty community. These are not the only holiday collections of 2018. But these are some from some two of the most popular brands. I highly encourage to look into these brands plus the other holiday collections from other brands.

But don’t forget to shop responsibly.