Films that Honor Black History Month

Films have the power to transport its’ viewer to a whole new world. Allowing the viewer to escape his or her reality  while embarking on the reality of the characters in a film. As a viewer we become apart of the characters world, sharing all the emotions and challenges that come with it. Often times, when these films end they allow us to reflect on own reality and how we can change it or make it better based on the filmed that we just escaped to. The following films allow us to travel back in time to a period where the world was cruel for many, these films also introduce us to characters who bravely fought against the cruelty and injustices relevant to the time. These films educate us and makes us truly aware of the reason why Black History is vital for our society in order to progress and make sure that history doesn't repeat itself.


  • Selma (2014)

This movie takes the viewer back to the historic marches through Selma, Alabama in 1965 that many endured for civil rights. The films also chronicles the life of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther king, giving insight into his life and his efforts to gain voting rights and other civil liberties for African Americans.


  • Man of Honor (2000)

This film tells the story of African American sailor, Carl Brashear, whose dreams of becoming a U.S Navy Master Diver are shattered or shut down by the racism and prejudice relevant to the time. However the films shows how Brashear overcomes the  challenges  in order to achieve his goal and ultimately becomes a hero for his community.


  • The Color Purple (1985)

Based on the award winning book of the same name, the color purple explores the life of a young African American girl named Celie. The film follows Celie as she navigates the rural south where she is kept as a slave and forced to do unimaginable things. The films showcases the brutal reality that young black women endured during the early 1900’s. The film also explores the issues of racism, sexuality, and poverty.


  • The Rosa Parks Story (2002)

Rosa Parks is a very known activist in the civil rights movement who embodied bravery through her actions of resistance. This film explores more of her refusal and resistance towards segregation. This movie is truly inspiring because it shows how a nonviolent approach towards injustice moved mountains, prompting the first major civil rights demonstration in the country.   


  • 12 years a slave (2013)

Based on  the 1853 slave narrative memoir Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup, this film tells the story of Solomon Northup who believes that he is taking a job as a violinist, but soon faces the harsh reality and is taken into slavery. The film is often hard to watch because it shows many visuals of African Americans being beaten and abused. However the film is powerful because its source material tells the real story from first hand experience. It also makes audiences aware of the brutal reality of slavery in American history.


These are only a few films, but there are many more that truly showcase the struggle and bravery which make Black History month much more honorable and worth celebrating. These movies are powerful with their main character fighting a different battle for the same victory… JUSTICE!.