The Fab Fit Fun box— is it worth it?

I bought the fab fit fun box for the first time and here are my thoughts. Before I purchased the box I saw so many bloggers have the fab fit fun box and at first I thought it was overrated.

When you first join, you can use a certain code a blogger posted or you use a first time code that they give you. The subscription is seasonal so you’re not paying monthly. The first box that I received was the fall box.  I was amazed at what the products were. I knew I was going to get the French press because I wanted to buy a French press for the longest time. 

The process of buying goes like this, you go in and decide what are your interests such as makeup, athletic wear, and wellness. Once you do this you get a chance to customize your box. In every section, you have two choices. You can choose between an umbrella or earbuds, one of the other two options are between a French press or a teapot. The list goes on and on. When I first opened my box I received in total nine products.


With the umbrellas, you have the choice to choose between this white umbrella and a pink floral one. So, the one that I ended up going with is the pink one. It has already become one of my favorite products. It started raining yesterday in Las Cruces and this umbrella came in handy. It opens with a push of a button and the original cost of this is $40. 

  • Some of the stuff I haven’t started using, but one of the products that I have is this Vince Camuto Luck Tote. The original price for this is $128.00, but with the fab fit fun box, I paid for everything for only $40. The leather is all vegan leather. For school, I usually try to carry my backpack, but this has been easier to carry around. The only downfall about the bag is the slip pocket, but that was because I was putting my pens and pencils. The purpose of the slip pocket is to store your keys and lip balm, so that is partially bad on my part. Other than that it’s the perfect tote for the everyday college student.


Photo by: Victoria Acosta 

The last product that I still haven’t used, but I am already obsessed with, is the coffee maker. Before I start using the French press I want to know how it works first. So as of lately, I have been looking up the steps and cool things that I can learn how to do.

Now the last products that are given in this box are all for your face. One of them is the Glam Glow bubble sheet oxygenating deep cleansing mask. I personally haven’t tried it, but from what I have heard and read from other bloggers and influencers is that it really does cleanse your face. Once finals are over this is one the first things that I am going to try.

So, in conclusion, this subscription is worth it. this box as stated in the introduction is only seasonal. the best part about the Fab Fit Fun Box is that you are receiving over nine amazing brand products for only $50. the value for my whole box this month is $371.93. if you want to check it out for yourself go to this link.