Everyone’s Concerns are Valid


I am very aware that the COVID-19 is a serious matter, and I know that there are people that are in very painful situations and have been affected by it. I am not writing this to decrease the importance or the seriousness of this. I am writing this because I am tired of other reactions regarding how others are expressing themselves. I have seen many people judging others that are speaking up about being upset for events they were looking forward to getting cancelled. Everyone’s feelings and concerns matter, and if they don’t matter to some people, why do they have to say so and make others feel invalid?


I am very present on Twitter, so I see all the tweets about people judging others for being sad about something that got canceled that they were excited about. I am speaking about the high school seniors who were excited for prom and their graduation. Also, about students in college graduating, excited walk the stage to receive their very well-deserved degree. And people that had their weddings planned during this time. I think about how I would feel if I were in their position and I would be furious, having to reschedule a wedding I probably spent thousands of dollars on, not being able to walk onstage to receive my degree or diploma, having to not be able to show off my prom dress, etc. And I am sure that those same people that are mad about others' concerns, would feel the same if they were in their position. There is this tweet I retweeted from @/edmphobia that said: “hey just PSA; people are allowed to be sad when events they were looking forward to get cancelled, so stop trying to police people’s feelings”. And THIS spoke to me because they are so right. 


I had many plans this summer that I am sure are very well canceled, traveling to Arizona, celebrating my friend’s birthday with a big party, my brother’s birthday, my friend’s graduation party, going out all summer and my concerts. I was supposed to go to two concerts of some of my favorite artists in April (Sasha Sloan) and June (Halsey) and one was rescheduled to September and the other will probably get rescheduled as well and I am very upset. I am afraid to demonstrate how sad I am because of the way I see others getting dragged *Twitter slang* over THEIR concerns but I have a right to be sad and I will not let others tell me how I should be feeling.  


People nowadays (of all ages) think that they have a right to judge what others consider important. But that is not their place, if people want to be sad about this, about milestones getting canceled, please let them. It’s upsetting that I feel the need to even say this because it should be common sense, but I just keep seeing people being judged for feeling upset. During a time like this, is when we should be more together than apart. Supporting each other and being understanding is a must. Everyone is already having a hard time being stuck at home 24/7 and adding to that by telling them how they should be feeling is totally insensitive. I know that society has taught us to be this way, let others know when what we think as a collective is superior over their personal feelings but let’s stop doing that. A time like this should be teaching us about compassion for others and ourselves too (why not?). So, let’s be understanding, and safe.