Emergen-C Energy+

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

One item that our team received in our survival kits this season was the Emergen-C Energy Plus, and it was definitely the one that I was the most excited for. I am, hands-down, a caffeine addict. I drink a cup of coffee before classes every day, and often a few more before the day is over. I enjoy energy shots, and Five Hour Energy has been my go-to in the past. However, after trying these delicious and effective little drinks, I am switching over!

These energy boosters are guaranteed fresh. The powder is stored in the cap, which you release and shake whenever you are ready for your boost! They come in flavors Blueberry-Acai, Lemon- Lime, and Mango-Peach. My personal favorite is the Mango-Peach; it is fizzy and light. The flavor of these energy shots is tasty, but not too strong, and you cannot taste the underlying supplements.

As far as efficiency goes, the Emergen-C Energy+ shot is the way to go. I have taken them instead of drinking my coffee, and I have felt even more energized and ready for the day. They have helped me focus on my morning classes, and you can feel them start working within just a few short minutes. I have also made the mistake of taking one around 8:00 p.m. one night to help me study for an exam, and I couldn’t fall asleep until around 3:00 a.m. (10/10 would NOT recommend using them in the evening!)

Overall, I would highly recommend giving these energy boosters a shot. I know that I will be getting more of them when my precious supply runs out, and I will probably be trying more of the Emergen-C products as well!