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Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign from a Foreigner Perspective

Coming from Brazil, I was raised under the concept that cultural diversity was part of my everyday life – and I have never really questioned it. I guess being born in a country that has influences from so many others made me think like this. Africans, Indians and Europeans in general are all part of a big cultural mix that defines who Brazilians are—a mix that doesn’t really allow racial stereotypes.

However, being considered a development country, social inequality is present everywhere in Brazil. We live in a reality where although the rich and the poor are neighbors, they follow their paths as distant as they possibly could from each other, divided by an invisible wall of indifference. This is why fighting against inequality is currently one of the biggest goals for Brazilians. When choosing a candidate to elect as our president, someone who is able to make the country finally start prospering as a whole is key.  

After living in America for almost a year, I have given some thought on how successful this country is when it comes to being a land that promotes equality—where people from different nationalities, social classes, races and beliefs come together and have similar rights. It is admirable to see how the United States has developed such effective policies on that sense, especially when compared to the reality I am used to at home.

Having said all that, I would like to share some of my views as an “outsider” on one of the most popular candidates for the next presidential elections. Donald Trump. This name has been on the spotlight for quite a while now. He has taken over the headlines, became viral on the internet and is present on everyday conversations I hear either in class or with friends. In the beginning, I was quite confused on why he was such a big deal here, until I started paying close attention on his campaign and what he stands for.

In my perception, Donald Trump is a character. A character made of emptiness in ideals and who tries to gain followers by promoting his extreme or even humorous views on issues that, in fact, require more caution than extremism. The amount of money and popularity he has in America is influential enough to overshadow his lack of consistence and preparedness to become this country’s main leader. And it just doesn’t make sense how he is believed by many to be the one who can “Make America Great Again.”

There are many things that I could go on about Trump’s controversial speech and campaign. However, as a foreigner, the one that gets to me most is, of course, his view on immigration policies. Immigration is indeed an issue that needs to be carefully dealt with. Yet, Trump’s solutions to it are so vague and superficial. He is leading his campaign based on racism, generalization and the most literal sense of the word division: building a wall to separate America from those who attempt to come here. Not to mention his insensibility with global concerning issues such as refugee’s policies. 

These purposes go against the one thing the U.S. is most well-known for around the globe: a country of opportunities. A country that stands where it is today because of its long history of hard workers that came here from all over the world and were given the freedom to live and collaborate to its growth as they could. A conglomeration of different cultures that make America this great and diverse whole.

With all that has been going on, the world is in need of leaders that see human rights as a priority whether than a treat. After all, it is possible to keep America great by being great to all the ones that it stands for. 

I am an exchange student from Brazil studying Journalism and Mass Communications at NMSU. I love traveling, meeting new people, cultures and telling their stories. :)
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