Cassie Trejo: Writing To Escape

Music, for a lot people, is a way to escape from their reality. It is used by most people as a creative outlet and a way to express themselves.

Meet Cassie Trejo, who is a junior at New Mexico State University. Trejo is a journalism and CMI major. She hopes to become a music journalist and a producer.

“Every project has its own idea. Its own idea I want accomplish. For me it’s a creative outlet because I know despite me coming to school my passion is music. I want to hold onto my creative passion,” said Trejo.

In her spare time, Trejo has been writing and recording for a rapping project she is planning on putting on Sound Cloud; music is everything to her.  

The recent project is titled as, “Product Of Time”. It includes seven tracks all written and put together by Trejo herself.

“I didn’t make [my] own beats on this project, I found them online on YouTube. First I find an instrumental I like and write lyrics to it. When I’m more focused I write first and find an instrumental. And sometimes it’s hard to find an instrumental because it has to fit well,” said Trejo.

While writing content for this project, Trejo’s main purpose was to be able to give herself a creative outlet, and a way to express the way she was feeling through music.

Trejo also wanted a certain message to come out of her music. She wanted to be able to give music for other people to relate to.

“To show the world, it will be a major goal to show people not to be scared to do what you love. I want to bring back music that makes people think and relate to whatever helps them. Whether it’s feeling sad, or whatever they feel when they listen to my music I just want it to be able to help people.”

 “What I always tell people is anyone can rap but how are the words used to say something? This project that I did, I was really sad and heartbroken all of 2016 when I was working on it. Before I write I think, what do I want to talk about? I try to have a message behind what I write. The stuff that I write about are things I don’t tell my friends because I feel like the page isn’t going to judge me,” said Trejo.

Trejo’s writing has been a way for her to get all of her feelings out onto paper, and then eventually turns them into music for everyone to listen to; her writing style is all about lyricism.

“I write a lot of poems and other things sometimes. I was listening to music and thinking how simple it was to put lyrics and a beat together. But then I learned it wasn’t so simple, there was always a problem what to write about. Like what’s cool y’know? But then I grew out of that and wrote what I wanted to and those ended up being my songs,” stated Trejo.

Trejo is planning to continue writing and upload more of her projects to Sound Cloud. She is also saving up for a beat maker so she will be able to make her own beats for her music.