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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

It is known that college includes many parties and nights out with your friends! These are some of funnest times that we have in college and the memories stay with us forever. While going out to parties is a great time, it is crucial to take the steps necessary to stay safe. I have put together a list of tips that ensure you have a great night, while still making the right decisions.

  • Go with a friend:

It is a lot safer to go to a party with someone than going alone. If you are at a party where you do not know a lot of people, make sure you and your friend have a system where you always know where each other are. Even if you do know everyone, always check up on your friend to make sure they are okay. If you can, navigate the party together at all times. Yes ladies, even the bathroom. When drinking gets involved, we let our guard down, so having someone else to look after you and being aware as well is important.

  • Come prepared:

Of course you should bring your phone with you. But, many people are too busy getting ready to realize that their phone is on 3% and they have to leave in 10 minutes! I love having the little portable batterypacks on deck to quickly grab and throw in my purse any time I go out. This ensures that your phone will not die and you will stay connected in case you need to contact someone.

  • Be aware:

I know, this is a hard one after you have been drinking. This is why it is also nice to bring a friend that is staying sober with you. If not, make sure to watch your drink and watch out for sketchy situations. While it is wrong that we have to worry about our own safety instead of having fun, this is unfortunately the world we live in. Stay safe and try and watch out for others as well.

  • Know how you are getting home before you go out:

With Uber and Lyft services made available in many cities, there is no reason as to why you should not have a safe way home. If you can not utilize these services, look into options that your university offers. I know of many colleges that offer free rides from hot spots and bars for no charge. That being said, even these resources can be unsafe. It is best to use them when you have someone going with you and always be aware of your surroundings and who should be picking you up. I usually just ask a friend that is staying at home that night, that I know is sober, to pick me up and take me home that night. But, I make sure to ask them BEFORE I go out. We come to an agreement and it often includes me buying them some Taco Bell on the way home to show my appreciation.

  • Know your limit:

If you choose to drink, take it slow. Sometimes alcohol does not affect you right away, and instead hits you later when you have been throwing back drinks thinking it is not working. You can search online how quickly alcohol will affect someone of your height and body weight. A lot of the time, people drink way more than what their body can handle. You can have fun drinking while also not putting your health at risk. Drinking water throughout the night helps and prevents that awful hangover in the morning!

I hope that these tips were useful and that you will enjoy yourselves while also making sure that you are safe!



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