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A Gift Guide for Your Graduate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

Since the holidays and fall semester graduations are coming up, we must get to gift buying. If you have a recent graduate in your life that you need to get a gift for, these might be some pretty good and practical options.

  1. A Streaming Service Subscription

Everyone lives to stream these days. With more and more streaming services popping up, it’s getting harder for us college graduates on tight budgets to pay for them all. Don’t let your grad have to pick and choose what streaming platforms that they can sign up for. Take it upon yourself to give them a couple of months of Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, etc. They will very grateful that they can catch up on their favorite shows and whatever new craze that Twitter is going nuts for. It’s a simple gesture that can provide hours of fun.

  • A Spotify Premium Subscription

Like I said before, us grads on a budget have to pick and choose the subscription services that we sign up for. Once we graduate, that five-buck student plan from Spotify is completely out the window, and it’s back to full price for us. Ad-free music shouldn’t be such a problem for everyone, so get them a subscription to make their lives a little easier. With a few months of free Spotify Premium, they can listen to all the music and podcasts that they want without having to worry about a bill every month. It’s something that literally anyone would love to have and will be eternally grateful for.

  • A Nice Coat/Blazer

Everyone needs a nice coat and/or blazer when they’re on the hunt for a new job, and your graduate will definitely be on the hunt for a new job. Get something that makes them feel confident and powerful. The beginning of a good power suit is the very least that someone in the job market needs at the start of their career. Help them get the best entry-level job they can with an awesome coat/blazer.

  • A Nice New Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t live off of caffeine these days? Listen, whatever cheap terrible coffee maker that your grad had in their tiny dorm just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Get them something that makes some quality brew in no time at all. Everyone deserves a nice cup of joe in the morning. Make sure your grad has everything they need to get up and go in the working world, whether it be through a Keurig or a complicated pour-over system. Don’t hesitate to include some nice quality coffee in there as well, so that your grad can get the best out of every morning.

  • Perfume/Cologne

Grownups don’t smell like they did in college. Sexy working professionals should smell like sexy working professionals, and that means owning a nice, high-quality perfume or cologne. No more Axe body spray and Bath and Body Works. It’s time for something that will last a great deal of time both on your vanity and body and that will smell amazing yet not overpowering. It’s an investment that they and everyone around them will find very much worth the cost.

  • Money

Is there really a better gift than this? Nothing hits quite like some cold hard cash. Your college grad will be very grateful that you gave them some fun money or just something to help them pay the bills. The truth is you probably don’t know what your grad truly needs in life, but some more money will get them just a little bit closer to getting it. They can use this however they need or please, and it will surely relieve some stress.

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