90 Degree Fall Fashion

It is already past the first day of fall and one would expect the weather to be a little cooler by now in Las Cruces but of course, that is not the case. Everyday temperatures hit almost 90 degrees and it seems like the cool fall months will never come. Besides having cooler days, there are many reasons most of us are looking forward to fall. Some may want the delicious pumpkin-spice flavored everything or to finally wear their favorite scarf on a chilly day. Even though we might be able to get a pumpkin-spiced flavored latte, every day seems to be a struggle to find an outfit that looks good for fall while at the same time comfy enough for class and sizzling hot weather.  Luckily, there is a way for us to start wearing our favorite fall styles while staying cool in this never-ending summer weather. Read on to find cute 90 degrees fall fashion tips.

  • Crop Top and Jeans

    Pairing a fall colored crop top, either orange or yellow, with ripped jeans is the perfect way to show some fall spirit while still staying semi-cool in the hot weather we have in the desert of New Mexico!

  • Plaid Shirt, Tank Top, and Shorts

One great way to start wearing plaid is pairing a plaid shirt made with thin material that you can wear over a tank top. For bottoms, go with blue light wash shorts. If you only have a thick plaid shirt go ahead and tie it around your waist. This can still give your outfit a pop of fall without you passing out from the heat. Another option is wearing a bralette under the plaid shirt instead of a tank top and tying the bottom of the plaid shirt to make it appear like a crop top.

  • Flowy Dress in a Fall Color

A dress is one of the best fashion pieces to wear during all seasons. If you do not already have a dress in a fall color like orange or burgundy, a flowy black dress works just as great paired with a light cover-up. To keep it casual for class, wear some sneakers or flats.


  • Jean or Leather Jacket and Boots

Final 90 degree fall fashion tip is pairing a jean or leather jacket with some cute boots. In order to keep cool, these items can be paired with a solid colored romper. Just like a plaid shirt, if the jacket feels too hot to wear you can always tie it around your waist or place it loosely over your shoulders.

Don’t let this blazing heat stop you from wearing your fave fall fashion items!