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7 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re broke like me (and every other college student) but still enjoy decorating houses then this article is just what you need!! St. Patrick’s Day is a day that includes a lot fo green and that celebrates the Irish, but it also represents acceptance of other cultures and a party to celebrate diversity!! So this March 17th make sure to decorate your room/apartment, buy some candy and play some board games with friends to celebrate this “lucky” holiday!

  • Button Clover

This super cute clover is cheap and easy to do! All you need is a piece of cardboard, you can get a box from Sam’s Club and just paint it white! Then you have to gather tons of green buttons, I have seen several thrift stores that sell bags full of buttons of one color, so you can try looking there. Also buy small green beads from the dollar tree store to fill in the small spaces where the buttons wont fit. 

I recommend that you draw the clover before you glue the buttons, otherwise if you make a mistake it will be to late!! Make sure to let dry your masterpiece all night and if you are feeling super proud go ahead and buy a frame from the dollar tree to show it off in your living room!!

  • Paper Garland

These little paper garlands make a nice decoration for your wall and they are very simple to make. You will need to buy thin paper, I usually just buy gift tissue because it has nice colors and serves perfect for this purpose! What you have to do is fold the paper in half and cut small strands, but it is important that you leave the middle of the tissue untouched, other wise you wont be able to hold it in the string. Once you have around 6 white and 6 green you can put them around a sting and hang them around your living room or your room!!

  • Good Luck Candles

Candles always make things look fancier for some reason! These little candle holders look very fancy and are only like 4 dollars! You will need to buy a glass cup that looks similar to the one in the picture, you can fins several different shapes in the dollar tree, and while you are there you can buy the little rocks. Some places do have them in green but others dont! You have two options for this, you can go to Hobby Lobby and buy the green rocks with the 40% off coupon or you can paint the rocks yourself!  The candles are also easy to find in the dollar tree stores and you can even buy a scented candle to place in your living room, bathroom or room. 

  • Paper Clover 

These paper clovers are probably the easiest thing to do from this list. You can find some color paper sheets  that have green in the dollar tree or you can always go to hobby lobby and buy a sheet or two of the green you like for 70 cents. Divide your sheet into small squares and cut them. Once you have tiny squares fold them two times and cut a heart shape in it, when you open it you will have a four leaf clover ready to go! You can glue them to a string to make a cute wall decoration or just put tape on the back of them and put them wherever you like! Another option is to glue a little stick at the bottom and create a four leaf clover bouquet! The options are endless.

  • Clover Stamp 


Do you have thousands of wine corks just laying around your apartment? If you do, grab them all because you will finally be using them, and if you don’t have any make sure to treat yourself to some wine nights and save them! You can do a three leaf clover like the one shown in the picture or you can do a four leaf clover, but I highly recommend going with the three because it will look better. Basically what you have to do is to place the corks in order so that they make a clover and just tape them together!! You can find some stamp ink in Walmart or Hobby Lobby and you have your own little St. Patrick’s Day Stamp!! 

  • Fun Frames

These frames are fun because people can write their own little message in them!! You just need a picture frame which you can easily find at the Dollar Tree, some white board markers and a green sheet or a clover decorated sheet of paper!! You can decorate the frame if you want to!! This idea can also be useful for other holiday, so you can just change the sheet of paper for the different holidays!

  • Scabble Frame

This frame looks very original and it is also simple to make! You can once again go to your favorite store, the dollar tree, and but the frame, the cloth and the glittery clover. For the scrabble letter you can go to a thrift store and buy a used game and just use the letters that it has!! Simple, cheap and cute!

I hope that you found these decoration hacks useful and that they stick to your budget!!! Remember to stay safe during this St. Patrick’s Day and have fun!


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