4 Different Youtubers for 4 Different Moods

Everyone has a moods. No one wants to be watching a sad movie when they’re filled with joy. Just like no one wants to be watching a relaxed, black and white silent film, when all they want to do is laugh out loud. The same goes for youtube. Here are 4 of my favorites who all match whatever mood I may be.

  • Kian and JC

These two guys are some of the funniest youtubers around. They’re two best friends, with 1.6 million subscribers just being completely themselves (they have sailor mouths but do bleep them out occasionally, but it’s part of the humor! May not be for everyone though). Whenever I want to have a major laugh out loud after a long and stressful day of college, they are my guys. One of my favorites is the Yoga Challenge with a special K&J twist. You see, they’re so much more than the same old boring challenges. What makes them funny is that they’re daredevils, doing kinda reckless (but never extreme that would make negative impact on themselves or others) things to make something new. Hence, the ‘K&J twist.’ Give them a chance to help you let loose and laugh at some usually dumb things. They’re always the best to make your good mood even better. Bring some popcorn and enjoy!

  • Zoella

Ever feel like just climbing in bed, candles lit and hot toe/coffee in hand, to just breathe? In this day and age, with everything we have to juggle in our lives, relaxation is key! Next time you ever want to watch something that will totally relax you, Zoella is just your girl. This british sweetheart, who is also one of the top 50 most subscribed youtubers with 12 million, will have you binging in no time. Her relaxing voice, funny charm for just enough laughs and knowledge of all things beauty and lifestyle is perfect with that candle and tea. After one video you’ll understand why she is as popular as she is. She also occasionally vlogs, the coziest vlogs around. Bundle up in your cozy bed and light those candles - it’ll be the start of a new obsession!

  • The ACE Family

Speaking of obsessions! This is the youtube Kardashians! Austin, Catherine and Elle (2 years old) make up the ACE family and everyone, everyone is OBSESSED. They are everyone's life goals, including mine. Their videos lighten up any mood with their humor and love of each other. With Q&As, Challenges and daily vlogs, it is easy to become part of the family! Not only do people fall in love with their videos, but also how they give back. They are always actively giving to charity and helping those who need it. Their happiness and love is contagious, which is why in only the past year of starting, they have 4 million subscribers and counting! Join the ACE family today to never be able to stop smiling while watching or start that ten year plan, to being just like them!

  • Chloe Morello

Last but certainly not least one of the best beauty gurus around. Chloe is an australian bombshell who has been doing makeup her whole life. She doesn’t take herself too seriously with lots of chatty videos but some of the most helpful tips to fulfill any look. A growing audience of 2 million subscribers, she is the perfect girl to inspire you to do your makeup right along with her. She has a makeup collab with Ciate London and it has been recognized in Allure magazine as the best youtube collab of 2017! You see a peak of her palette packaging in the corner of the picture posted. It’s hard to restrain yourself to not put up some brushes and go along with her. Join her audience, as a newly married women. She has been posting lots about the preparation for her day which is great touch to her channel! Her wedding day video is coming any day now and it’s so exciting! While you wait to see the big day vid, subscribe for plenty of time to see all the different videos she made on how she prepared.