3 Steps to Being a Girl Boss

The Ultimate girl boss. Every girl wants to be it, to walk down the street in the cutest outfit, coffee in hand, a hot guy in the other, carrying her Kate Spade purse, on her way to the courthouse because she’s a successful lawyer in upper Manhattan. It’s the dream.

But, it shouldn’t be everyone's. If you clicked this post to find a list on every single step you can take to be that girl I just described, this is unfortunately not your article. Instead this will consist of 3 steps, to becoming your OWN idea of a girl boss, not the one everyone else wants.

Step One: Set your own goals. There is no single expectation (as in being the person described above) about what a “girl boss” is. There shouldn’t be. A girl boss is general statement of someone being the best they can be. A girl who is strong in her ways, successful, happy, everything she wants. The best way to get there, is to sit down and think of what makes you happy, what you believe, what you want to fight for. Write it down, create a goal board of everything that inspires you, or keep it a secret in your head. Once you have that, every step you take after will be one more step to your own definition of a girl boss.

Step Two: Don’t listen to the haters. This world is full of people with small minds. People who only see what they want to see and will truly never understand that there is so much more out there. Those people will try to do everything to drag you down on your journey to becoming the girl boss you want to be. But, the secret is not to let them. No one can personally affect you, unless you let them. Take the people saying you’ll never get into that school, or you’ll never get a record deal or you’ll never be successful, as fuel. As motivation. You will want to do it even more because they said you couldn’t. The sad truth of life is those people will always be there, but by being strong and not letting them get to you, well, that makes you a girl boss already.

Step Three: Don’t change, Grow. Change. I don’t like that word in general, because changing means you never had it in you. But, I believe that every single person has that boss like quality in them. Their best version is deep inside somewhere, it doesn’t have to be a change, it has to be a personal growth to find it. You have to live through many different moments in life to grow to be that best version. By that, I mean dealing with family losses, breakups, deaths, struggles financially, mental breakdowns, just really, defeat. If someone can go through all that and come out of it, stronger, that is the growth towards the best version of themselves. A growth towards being the ultimate girl boss.

It is in all of us. The ability to be strong, to be educated, to be an advocate, to be a voice, to be kind, to be generous, to be the best version of ourselves - to be a girl boss. We just have to have goals to strive for, perseverance to not listen to everyone saying we can’t and to understand we can all do it. So, I guess there is an expectation of a girl boss after all. It is to make sure you are 100% the best you and you love who you are. Own it. Be the boss.