WNIA: Let the Students Be Heard!

Ever wonder what life would be like as a college DJ? WNIA is our student-run radio station here on campus. Being that WNIA is located in lower-level Gallagher center in a small rectangle in the corner, it can be easy to miss, especially being that most of the time the studio appears to be empty. Sure it's not the ideal Pitch Perfect radio station, but it's still a fantastic experience that all students should get involved in.The awesome part of being a DJ is that it serves as an excuse for students to leave their dorm room and play music that they love on a larger scale.


This school year, WNIA gained a new member of their faculty advising team and obtained a fantastic Assistant General Manager. This started a new chapter with a new beginning. Not only is WNIA planning some decorative remodeling to the station window and facility itself, they are also trying to become more involved with the campus community. WNIA is offering to come and play music to show support for any events that any club has on campus. Students can request songs by sending messages on Facebook and Twitter (@mixNmore).There is also a direct line to call into shows and request songs! WNIA has a variety of shows that range from talk shows, rock shows, to even live rapping, so there is something for everyone.


Recently, with the launch of the new Niagara University app for Apple and Andriod devices, there is an easy way to listen to WNIA radio right from the app! Just tap on the WNIA logo and it's as easy as that. Don't want to listen on your phone or tablet? You can always listen live at wnia.niagara.edu on your computer. Last week, WNIA sold song dedications for Valentine's Day at $1 each, and there are similar upcoming events looking forward.


As you can imagine, rebranding and trying to gain a new reputation on campus is not going to be an easy task, but gaining listeners creates a large impact on how much WNIA can do within the campus community. WNIA hopes to be able to work with Campus Activities to put together a competition involving live music soon, so get ready to listen or perform!


Life is all about perception. Sure, WNIA's studio may not be huge, but the opportunities to create a successful, music-filled campus are endless.

What can you do now to help? Listen live either through the app, the WNIA website, or just come to lower-level Gally and listen that way. Be sure to follow WNIA's Twitter (@mixNmore), like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wniaradio) , and even follow individual show accounts on both Twitter and Facebook (like my show, Rock Mondays, you can follow us on Twitter @WNIARockMundays).


Tune in and enjoy the music, NU.