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Top Ten Places to Hang

If you are new to NU, or even a veteran that is looking to finally get out of that bubble in order to find some new places to hang or eat? We have just the treat for you! We girls have compiled a list of the top 4 places that NU students love to go to just get away and hang out. So here are the top 4 places to check out.

1.)    The Orange Cat Café –A very down to earth coffee and bakery shop that students frequent when they want some peace and quiet, accompanied with some Java and fresh baked organic goods that will warm your heart.

2.)    The Silo – If you have not been to the Silo, then you are seriously missing out. Not only was it featured on Man V. Food on the Food Network for the infamous Haystack, but it also overlooks one of the great lakes with a breath taking view and even better food.

3.)    The Griffon Pub – If you must go anywhere, hands down the Griffon Pub is one of them. Don’t let the name fool you. This is a gourmet restaurant that is affordable enough for us college students on a budget.

4.)    Duffs- If you aren’t from the Western NY area, then you probably don’t know just how crazy about chicken wings we really are. After all, chicken wings were invented here. So when you have a late night craving for all things WINGS, just head over to Duffs for the best wings of your life. 

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