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Top Movies to Watch this Halloween!!

1.) Of course number 1 has to be Hocus Pocus! If you haven’t seen this Halloween classic, did you really celebrate Halloween??

2.) We could never forget Halloween Town. This Triliogy was a Disney classic and holds a special place in all of our hearts during Halloween

3.) Can we please talk about The Heathers? They were Mean Girls, before Mean Girls was even a thing. If you aren’t watching this during Halloween, then you aren’t in the Halloween Spirit.

4.) If you want something truly scary, then just go see Annabelle. You will not sleep for weeks. Trust us! Happy Halloween guys and gals.


Stevie is a double major in International Studies/Political Science and a double minor in Women Studies/Middle Eastern Islamic Studies. She is the Co-Editor of Her Campus Niagara, an Intern for Congressman Brian Higgins, and is a proud Sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She hopes to join the Peace Corps, and to one day start her own Non-Profit organization that helps survivors of Human Trafficking while spreading awareness about this world wide problem.
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