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A Striking Appeal

Bowling club rolled in this year as one of the newest clubs on campus. Whether you can bowl a perfect score or you get a gutter ball every throw there’s no competition except yourself. Bowling club is a mixture of all levels and it’s a great way to wind down on a Sunday. Everyone has fun and supports each other!

Every Sunday, the club heads out to Rapids Bowling for inexpensive games. If you’ve never bowled a strike, chances are you will at some point throughout the day. There’s no competition of who can get the highest score-- it’s about making yourself a better bowler and developing a positive team attitude. Of course, if you do want to join a league and compete you have the option to do so in addition.

Eddie, the president of the organization, has a good eye for finding out flaws with someone’s technique, and a lot of members have benefitted from it. He truly believes everyone has potential to be a great bowler and it trickles down to the support of all team members towards a common goal for success.

Think about joining bowling club next semester as a de-stressing and fun club that you can partake in every week! 

Sophomore Communication Studies major with a minor in Writing Studies from Long Island, New York. Member of Bowling Club and Ridge Report
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