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Carl Bailey: Serving Others with a Smile

Name: Carl Bailey

Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management, concentration in Luxury Operations, focus in Resort and Spa Management

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Boonville, NY

What activities are you involved in on campus?

I am heavily involved with CPB. I serve as co-chair of the board and head of traditions committee. We plan all of the traditional events, like spring concert, Ridgefest, and Firstfest. My favorite activity so far has been putting together open mic night. The turn out is great for an on-campus event, and it's amazing to see the student talent.

I am also a member of theHospitality and Tourism association. I just was invited into the honor society for Hospitality and Tourism, and I'm very excited.  We plan trips for the club to tour different hospitality venues, hotels, stadiums, and other such establishments.

When I'm not fulfilling CA duties in O'Donoghue, I serve in the community through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. We help the disadvantaged of WNY and Niagara Falls. We represent Niagara University through events in the community, as well as running the soup kitchen and thrift store we volunteer at regularly.

You are well known in the Res Life staff, and have been promoted to an LCA position next year. What are your goals for this position in the 2014/2015 year?

My biggest goal is to have the tower CAs and west side CAs interact more. I want people to get both sides of the CA position. Not only is it about taking responsibility, but also socializing and making connections with others. I want to get the whole NU community collaborating and communicating. I will be having a position on a first year floor. My goal for my specific residents is to encourage them to be involved on campus so that they never say they’re bored on campus. With all the opportunities NU has to offer, we should be enjoying all facets of our education.

What is some advice you would give to next year’s freshmen?

Put yourself out there and get involved as much as you can. Connections for graduation, experience within each club makes you more marketable and the networking skills are key, at least from the hospitality business standpoint!

What legacy do you want to leave at NU?

I want to be known as being a dedicated student, but having a good time along the way. I spend my fair share of time focusing on academics, but makes sure I have time to participate in all the fun activities through clubs and with friends.

How will you continue the Vincentian mission throughout your future career?

St. Vincent is all about helping people. In hospitality, this means serving others and making sure everyone is taken care of and not missing out. I wants to apply for a MIT program with the Army’s MWR command. Being involved in that, I can travel to the U.S. army’s different hospitality venues and get placed in one of them. I can help soldiers and their families have a welcoming time and I can serve those who serve our country as a thank you.

How has NU helped you grow as an individual, not just learning as a student?

Niagara has exposed me to diversity through people of different cultures and backgrounds. I’ll be interacting with people from around the world and being able to better understand and communicate with different individuals will help me help others. The diversity has helped me build my resume and help me for the future. I have been able to build a reputation with all the prominent figures of the industry that the Hospitality school has allowed me to network with. 

Sarah is a sophomore TESOL/French double major at Niagara University. She is involved in EAGLE Leadership, Niagara University Future Teachers of America, a Community Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, and founder of the Niagara HC chapter.
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