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Top 5 UK Teas to Get You Through Exam Season

It’s exam season, you’re stressed, tired and motivation is decreasing. The early morning walks to the library are getting old and you’re sick of all those coffee trips. Well don’t panic, there is a much tastier alternative you can try and lift your spirits when you need to revise. The ‘cuppa of tea’ is perhaps something British people are most famous for and it has been adapted so many times there is now too much choice. I’ve selected some top 5 UK tea brands which I believe will be the key to your success this exam season.

1. Twining’s Super Blends: Energise

The number one is Twining’s Super Blends tea in the energise edition. A very popular favourite at the minute, it’s a green tea, but with a little boost of natural flavourings, guarana and B6. The ‘energise’ edition has the ‘Mandarin and Apple’ flavour, which with its citrus combination is the perfect pick-me-up. Twining’s have even treated us to some of those extra vitamins which are essential this time of year. B6 is a vitamin that helps retain energy from proteins and carbohydrates while regulating mental function and mood and guarana, which is an ingredient high in caffeine, an antibacterial and it helps with weight loss! There is no need now to go for a bitter coffee for your afternoon caffeine fix when you can have this super potion instead.

2. Pukka Organic Herbs: Revitalise

Next up is a brand which has only recently come to supermarket shelves. Pukka Herbs offers a great selection of teas from detox to relaxation. The organic Pukka teas are something I would suggest, especially the ‘Revitalise’ flavour. Like Twining’s boxes, they usually come with 20 tea bags so no need to worry too much about the £2.99 you would be paying for your Pukka’s. ‘Revitalise’ contains a spice mix of cinnamon, ginger clove, cardamom, orange and spearmint. This combination of flavours is all mixed into another green tea, showcasing its versatility. Perhaps this is something for the more experienced tea drinkers or fans of Ayurveda, as the ingredients in this tea fall in line with Ayurvedic practices.

3. Tetley Super Fruits: Mind

One of the UK’s biggest names in tea is Tetley. We all know the adverts with that cute little guy, but does everyone know about their Super Fruits range? This range targets areas such as the immune system and focus. One product which caught my attention was the ‘Mind’ flavour. Zesty pineapple permeated with grapefruit brings an explosion of flavour to your taste buds. As exams and deadlines are approaching I was intrigued by the ingredients for what made this tea a ‘mind’ tea. The added Zinc was the ‘not so secret’ ingredient that Tetley included, which is known for maintaining cognitive function, something we will all certainly need these next few weeks!

4. Tea Pigs: Happy Uplifting Tea

Number four is the Tea Pigs range. A ‘classy version of a tea bag’ is how I would describe them and not surprisingly with a cost of £3.99 for 15 bags, you do pay for their classiness. However, I am more than happy to pay that price if the ‘Happy Uplifting Tea’ lives up to its name. a name that continues the trend we have seen amongst these brands so far when it comes to including citrus flavours, as they are supposed to be uplifting. In studies on olfactory properties (scents), citruses have been noted to immediately lift the spirits, so no wonder that the teas have the same effect! Tea Pigs is not an exception as the ‘happy’ tea is a blend of citrusy, spicy and sweet with the added bonus of being just as tasty cold which will come in useful now it’s getting warmer in Newcastle.

5. Yorkshire Tea: Breakfast Brew

Finally, but certainly not one to forget, the British classic- the traditional breakfast tea. Yorkshire Tea’s ‘Breakfast Brew’ had to make it on the list as a northern essential. It’s simple and pure. The powerful punch hitting your throat is due to the taste of Assam, a unique tea that works well as a morning pick-me-up. As cheap as £2 in selected supermarkets, Yorkshire Tea’s 40 bags can be yours. Who doesn’t love a cuppa when they are working even as the sun rises, it’s what gets us through (PS. It had to be Yorkshire, all my friends would have hated me otherwise).

Charlotte is an aspiring journalist currently at Newcastle University. She loves to write about all aspects of life particularly in the lifestyle and sport section of 'The Courier' newspaper. She is a lover of sport but with a avid interest in fashion too.
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