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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Newcastle chapter.

Three years at university can seem like a long time but there is so much to do in Newcastle. Time will fly and suddenly you realise that there is a lot you haven’t done, you hear stories about places you MUST visit and people look shocked and say ‘what you mean you haven’t been there yet?’ when you admit that you have not fully explored the city you have been living in for years.

As a final year student, this panic has hit hard, time is running out and suddenly there is a million and one things to do and places to see meaning that I and my flatmates resorted to writing a bucket list. One by one we have explored Newcastle and I only wish we had started this list in the first year. Whether you are just starting your degree or your time here is coming to an end, I have listed six of my personal favourite places in the city that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. 

1. Visit Tyneside Cinema 

Photo Credit- https://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk

A hidden gem located near Monument in the city centre, it has been open since 1937 meaning The Tyneside Cinema offers a traditional experience of the cinema by showing a variety of different genres. It is a refreshing break from the increasingly modern multiplex cinemas with little stalls that sell refreshments and comfy seats that offer lots of space, its perfect for any occasion whether its date night or a flat trip. 

2. Walk Around Jesmond Dene 

Having lived in Jesmond for almost two years I have no idea why it took me until only recently to take the time to explore Jesmond Dene. It has everything from a petting zoo to beautiful waterfalls making it one of the most relaxing places to be and provides a great break from the stress of lectures and assignments. It’s also super scenic meaning you can make all your home friends jealous by displaying the beauty of your university town online. 

3. Have a Cocktail Night 

Newcastle may be known as a city of wild nights out but there is also a great selection of cocktail bars that all have different vibes to suit your mood. It can be one of the best ways to bond with your flat or course mates while also getting to soak in the atmosphere of the city. Central Oven and Shaker is a personal favourite with half-price cocktails all the time meaning it is completely affordable even on a student budget. Bars such as The Launderette, Pleased To Meet You and Jalou can be more expensive but with special deals or even a special occasion you are willing to spend more money on they can all be the perfect place to spend your night.

4. Explore the Quayside


One of the most iconic views in the North East is the Tyne Bridge and one of the best ways to see it is to walk down the Quayside. It has two personalities- one at day and one at night. During the day you can explore the cute cafes such as The Great British Cupcakery, take a walk across the Millennium Bridge or grab some street food at the weekend markets. At night it comes to life with vibrant colours and a nightlife that has something for everyone. It is not something you can leave Newcastle without seeing. 

5. A Trip to The Baltic 

Photo Credit- http://baltic.art/about/opening-times

I have to admit I never thought I was the kind to enjoy art gallery’s, but my opinion was changed when I first visited The Baltic. My personal favourite thing to do here is going to the top floor to the viewing gallery and take in the views of the city, this is actually a ‘must do’ I completely agree with. 

6. Trebles, Trebles and More Trebles 

If you live in Newcastle and have not yet had a treble then I can only ask where you have been hiding. It was probably one of the things that attracted you to Newcastle for uni, I mean after the credibility of the University itself, and it is a true student staple. If you are from down south the sound of three treble vodka’s for only £5 was shocking but now every night out simply has to begin at one of the cities famous Treble Bars, be it Soho, Sinners or Empress. There is no denying some of the best nights begin in a trebles bar. 

If you have any more suggestions for our Bucket List please let us know at @HCNewcastle! 





Laura Bolden is a student at Newcastle University where she is studying Journalism and Media. She is a self proclaimed TV addict and is never too far away from the television set. An aspiring journalist who loves writing about all aspects of life and believe in female empowerment through the media. You can follow her on Twitter @lauraboldenX and Instagram @laurabolden.