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How to get through the Last Week Before Easter

You’re probably currently sat in the library or at your desk procrastinating whilst your assignments are waiting to be completed. Deadlines are only a week away and the four weeks of spring break are in sight, but you’re losing all motivation. We have all experienced the feeling when it comes to the last week of the semester and we’re all a little worn out from the 9 am’s and all-nighters. We just want to go home.

If you have got deadlines, power through! Seeing your friends having fun without you whilst you slave away at your work can never be easy but it will be worth it. If you’re lucky enough to not have assignment deadlines due in before the break, then plan ahead and stay ahead. Getting prepared (before everyone else on your course) could put you miles ahead when you return to university. Get out the books you need, speak to the lecturers now and get a plan together so that you can come back after Easter break with a spring in your step (pun intended!). 

The low temperatures and snowy days have left us longing for summer. The temptation to curl up in bed and have a long nap is building, but you have to resist it. In the last couple of days, the sun has broken the winter slump everyone seemed to be in. The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. Make the most of this marginally warmer weather to get outside into the fresh air and enjoy the spring weather that is coming. Head down to Jesmond Dene with your friends in these last few days and blow the cobwebs away by getting into the spring mood before going home.

I must admit I have been counting the days until the 16th March when we can all enjoy some well-deserved rest and mum and dad can feed us until we can’t be fed anymore. However, I didn’t think about the fact I probably won’t see any of my university friends for 4 weeks. We spend almost every day and every second with these people…how will we last 4 weeks in a town we don’t actually call home anymore?! Make the most of the days we have left, make each other dinner, go on a night out or even just sit and catch up. The one (and for some maybe the only) thing we will certainly miss are the people we spend our lives at university with.

For some of us, this will be our last Spring break before we head out into the big bad world and actually become…adults. One of my friends gave me a great idea for a send-off for my time at Newcastle, and that was to make a 3rd-year bucket list. Yes, it may be very late in the year but when is it a better time to start than the last week before a holiday, because we all know the last week doesn’t really count anyway. Make a note of all the places you want to go and visit or go for dinner at and start ticking them off. In my opinion, this is the perfect way to end your 3 years, by doing all the things you have always wanted to do and never had time for.

Charlotte is an aspiring journalist currently at Newcastle University. She loves to write about all aspects of life particularly in the lifestyle and sport section of 'The Courier' newspaper. She is a lover of sport but with a avid interest in fashion too.
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