ASOS: Try Before You Buy

ASOS has launched a new revolutionary system, try before you buy, something we have all been dreaming of since we first began online shopping. Basically, they’re allowing you to order from their website and rather than paying before they ship your order, ASOS will give you your standard 28-day return policy and any items not returned in that period is what you will be charged for.

In order to qualify for this, the 'try before you buy' service you must have the mobile shopping app on your smartphone and be over 18 years of age, with a UK mobile number and UK delivery address.  The payment itself will be processed through ‘Klarna Pay Later’, there are no hidden fees or interest to worry about, just easier online shopping. You no longer have to worry about spending a small fortune because you had to order two sizes and three different styles just to get one outfit right, or waiting what seems like forever to get your money back.

This phenomenon was announced not long after their promise of a same-day delivery service. Every other online store needs to step up their game because ASOS is in a new league.

This new service has never been done before so it will come with a few bugs. The first issue I have come across is that the service isn’t yet available on the desktop, which is an annoyance – personally, I find it much easier than the app unless I know specifically what I’m looking for. This may have been strategically done to encourage more customers to use and promote the app. Furthermore, lately, ASOS have been having issues with stock levels accurately being represented online, meaning many customers – including myself, have received their parcels disappointed that a certain item is missing.  This is due to an issue in their system which may have been caused due to the surplus in sales.

However, ASOS’ customer service team are always quick to respond and incredibly helpful in resolving any issues I have faced, I have no doubt that this will expand to any complications this new service will face.

This service is new and will improve over time, so bear with because it will be more than worth it.