5 Things To Do before you Graduate

Deep down we all know that there’s more to student experience than eating your weight at Nando’s and spending your last pence on trebles. 

As graduation edges closer, trying to make the most out of your uni days might seem to be your top priority in life. Here are the five things you should try to do before your university life comes to an end.


Get your housing deposit back

Okay, this one is not that fun, but trust me, this one really is important. Also, make sure that you clear out the cupboards so you don’t leave anything behind. Empty the bins and put the furniture back in its original place. Last but not least, don’t forget to do a full house inspection in order to get your full deposit back. You will thank yourself later for the effort you make now.


Try to at least go to one fancy ball

University is one of the few places in our lives where we are able to regularly attend occasions with our friends. If you are graduating soon and haven’t attended a single ball, you will definitely regret not going to one. Free-flowing champagne and fancy dresses aside, going to a ball is the perfect opportunity to make some memories. If anything, just do it for the nice photos!


Support your uni sports team

If you did not really manage to join any uni sports team during your years at uni, you can still get involved in the spirit by heading to a game of your favourite sport and cheering for the team. Whether it is football, hockey, rugby, or whatever sport that it is you like, it’s an incredible atmosphere and you won’t even need to break a sweat. So there is absolutely no excuse to leave without at least going to one game, right?


Throw a lit house party

Let’s face it, this is probably the last chance for you and your housemates to party hard and have a good time in your own house. But remember, you want to get that housing deposit back, so try not to burn the whole place down. 

Also, throw a fun themed party to invite all of your friends to come along. It’s a nice way to say goodbye to everyone and besides that, you don’t need to care about your neighbours complaining. It’s a win-win!


Holiday getaway with friends

Book that holiday you have always been planning to go on, but never really did due to pure laziness, or whatever reasons that you had. With all the money saved from your part-time job, or that is left of your student loan, you might just be able to afford the getaway that you’ve always been dreaming of. There’s no better way to end your student life and make awesome memories that you can look back in the years to come!


If you’ve got any more tips on things to do before you graduate, why not give us a shout in the comments section?