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Why Interviews Aren’t Just For The Employer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

College, working, and internships are all synonymous nowadays. We have more chances than ever before to access incredible, career-building opportunities, and we should always seek them out whenever possible. 

As every student knows all too well, interviewing is part of the internship- or job-placement-process, and while it may seem like the point of the interview is for the employer to get to know you, it can actually help you get to know yourself. No matter how confident you are, standing in front of someone with the potential of hiring you is seriously terrifying. Even a question like, “What are some your biggest strengths?” can make your brain freeze and your palms sweat.

Here’s the thing, observing how you perform under stress and how you react when you step into a potential workplace, are extremely important parts of the job search. When stepping into this new space, ask yourself: Is it interview jitters or discomfort in this environment that are making me nervous? Do I see myself fitting into this workplace? Does this office space inspire me to be even more ambitious?

These are vital questions that won’t be answered unless you go in for a traditional in-person interview. Granted, this shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind during an interview. You should also focus on being 100 percent prepared no matter what they ask you, and for that we have a great resource.

Lauren Berger, CEO and founder of Internqueen.com, has an incredible YouTube channel with videos ranging from internship-appropriate outfits, managing your time as a college student, and how to prep for different kinds of interviews. Below is her “How To Answer The Hardest Interview Questions” video, which definitely helped me out before my last sit-down interview.

If you want some more refreshers on the job application process, check out our Internship Story series by writer Mara Jams, which include articles on the Interview and Application. Plus, for more tips from Lauren Berger, you can head over to our article on the importance of LinkedIn, where we include more of her expert advice. 

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