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Vendors at Union Square’s Holiday Market you Need to Check Out ASAP

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means! Union Square’s famous Holiday Market is open for the public to peruse from over 160 artisan vendors!

I decided to pay the market a visit to check out which vendors were worthwhile.

Here is a list of four shops to check out for your gift-giving needs.


Natura is a vegan cosmetics brand based in Brazil. It has been producing body washes, moisturizers, hair care and hand cream for over 40 years. Natura is expanding Brazilian beauty trends to the United States. The company’s goal is to challenge femininity and reconnect one with nature!

I would recommend trying on the Breubracco hand cream — a customer favorite. As well as the vibrant palm-leave makeup pouches made by indigenous Brazilians.

Dash of Pep

It’s hard to pass by Dash of Pep without peaking in. The hot pink stand blasting happy-go-lucky music promotes mental health awareness and draws you in right away. Designer, owner and boss bitch Robin’s motto is simple:

“Just a dash bc you’re allowed to be sad.”

Every product in the shop, which sells apparel and accessories, is based on what Robin has learned in therapy. Her items explore femininity and gender identity. Robin personifies all of her objects — each object is gendered.

Accessibility is very important to Robin. The prices are very reasonable. On average everything is about $30-$40.

I would recommend checking out her “Boss Bitch” notebooks, as well as her vegan leather crying dress that came to her in a depression nap.

Robin runs the stand 70 percent of the time. She is hard to miss with her bright blue har and infectious smile. If you visit the market, feel free to pay her a visit!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is run by Jamie Shapiro, a Jewish girl who manufactures Christmas ornaments.

Shapiro encouraged her husband to start the business in 2009. Teddies, another stand in the market, is dedicated to his memory.

All intricately wood-carven ornaments are carved by Shapiro in Bali.

Monkey Business is one of the oldest shops at the Holiday Market. Shapiro has sold her items at the market for nearly 26 years.

Although it is difficult to choose favorites, she recommends checking out the slutty nun ornament and the implant cat!

Preppy Trendy

Preppy Trendy is a Black, female-run business that sells jewelry and repurposed vintage designer clothing. Created and run by Marie Schuman, Preppy Trendy has sold at the market for ten years!

Schulman would describe the shop’s aesthetic as a clash between modern and old Hollywood glam. Take Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry and make it into everyday wear!

Twenty percent of Schulman’s jewelry is made in Bali by survivors of domestic abuse.

Preppy Trendy’s jewelry is other-worldly, literally! I would recommend checking out items from her celestial collection!

Happy shopping!

Tara is a New York-based Journalist studying at The Eugene Lang College of The New School. She has a passion for unique storytelling and mental health-based journalism. Aside from writing, Tara has a passion for theater and music. See more of Tara's work on taralamorgese.wixsite.com/website!
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