Trends from NYFW to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe Now

After looking at the designs from New York Fashion Week, patterns and trends will emerge to inspire your personal wardrobe. Even though, the full extravagant looks may not feel wearable and you're on a tight budget - you can still put your own spin on things and take away one or two elements from the different shows this season that suit your own sense of style. Here are just a few elements to experiment with; keep an eye out for oversized belts, clear bags, checkered prints, and the color yellow.

Belts, Boots, and Velvet

Ralph Lauren held their show and celebrated their 50 year anniversary in the beautiful Bethseda Terrace in Central Park. They showcased a lot of great looks which had a variety of materials, textures, and warm earth tones.

Many of the silhouettes incorporated oversized belts worn over sweaters. This accessory adds style to a cozy look when wearing different oversized sweaters or jackets. Have fun with this look and go shopping into any vintage store to find a unique oversized belt to pair with your favorite sweater.


Boots are also another wardrobe staple that made multiple appearances during the Ralph Lauren show. My secret tip for hunting down great boots is to shop at a horseback riding store. They have boots for all different budgets while still being well made and stylish.

Velvet was a constant presence in the show. It was featured in beautiful rich colors whether it was in dresses, pants, or skirts. Velvet has been an omnipresent material in fashion for the past few seasons. It is popular especially in the fall and winter for it’s luxurious feel, texture, and shine.


Jewel Tones, Pleats, and clear bags

Brandon Maxwell’s show was bright and vivid with an array of color including, red, pinks, yellows, and aqua. These pops of color can be worn in a piece of clothing, as an accessory, or a bold lip.

Many of the clothes at this show were made out of pleated or shiny fabrics. Pleated fabrics were seen in many other shows including Sies Marjan. This look can be incorporated into all outfits for all kinds of occasions. I have a pair of shiny silver pleated pants which are great for a dressed up look.

Many of the models walking down the runway were carrying clear purses accented with a scarf. Clear bags have been getting more and more buzz. Gigi Hadid was carrying a clear bag attending the Business of Fashion 500 event. I’ve been seeing clear bags pop up on my Instagram feed from both big brands and small independent stores. I might just cave in soon and get one myself.



Bold looks and Checkered Prints

Christian Cowan’s show featured bold looks with checkered patterns, zebra prints, feathers, and sheer fabrics. Any of these elements can be incorporated into your wardrobe as a statement piece.

As I saw a woman today wearing checkered print pants, I couldn't help but wonder - is checkered print the new leopard print? Cowan incorporated checkered print in some small and big ways. Some fabrics were sparkled. Checkered patterns were also seen at the Oscar de la Renta show. This is a fun and bold pattern to incorporate into your wardrobe whether it's as a garment or an accessory. 



Suits and Button downs

Sies Marjan had an array of suits and button downs. They utilized all kinds of variations in color and style, including dresses, suit jackets, and trench coats. Jackets add instant style to any outfit. You can mix in more casual items with these more tailored formal items.




Yellow is an important color. It was in all the shows ranging from Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Sies Marjan, Tibi, and more. Different designers used the popular color in unique ways ranging from shoes, tops, and dresses in a variety of shades.


You don't need a high budget to put together high fashion. Just take some new elements and have fun with adding a little something new and experimental into your everyday look!