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Treat Yourself: A Guide to NYC’s Best Desserts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

If you survived the midterms and you desperately need to unwind, or you’re just in need of something sweet, look no further. Here’s a few places to indulge your sweet tooth, honestly you deserve it!

Holey Cream, 796 9th Ave.

Build-your-own donut ice cream sandwich. Enough said.

Eggloo, 60 Mulberry St.

The Hong Kong Egg Waffle. Eggloo uses egg-based batter to create a hexagon consisting of these spherical units (And, yes. They can be ripped off and eaten individually!), creating a cake-like interior. On top of that, you can choose between three ice cream flavors and unlimited toppings!

Round K Cafe, 99 Allen St

Now we’re not exactly sure if this is still available, but technically it should be. Remember the internet craze a few months ago? You’re in NYC, time to hunt this beautiful raindrop cake down!

Mini Melanie Bakery, 630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn

Bit far from campus, but worth the visit. Tour Williamsburg with these delicious mini gemstone dessert truffles!

Dominique Ansel Bakery, 189 Spring St.

Cookies with truly a unique twist. These dazzingly little cookies are formed into a cup and served with a refreshing shot of milk in the middle. If that’s not heavenly, then I don’t know what is. Not a fan of cookies? Then you definitely have to try their cronuts!

ChikaLicious Dessert Bar, 203 E 10th St.

Head over to the ChikaLicious Dessert Bar for some soft serve in a churro cone!

Lady M Confections, 1178 Broadway

Head to Lady M for their signature cake, the Mille Crepe, which features20 thin crepes layered with light cream. How beautiful.

Black Tap, 529 Broome St.

We’re talking crazy milkshakes (how do you even eat/drink that?), and chocolately, sugary goodness for days. The lines may be crazy long, but here’s a tip, come when it’s raining outside – the wait will only be about 10 minutes long.

Eight Turn Crepe, 55 Spring St.

You can turn a salad or an ice cream creation with whatever topping you please into an easy-to-carry crepe.

Spot Dessert Bar, 13 St Marks Pl.

Known for their crazy dessert creations, like the Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, the Pokeball Mangoball, and The Harvest (shown below).

Big Gay Ice Cream, 61 Grove St.

Everything here is so good, try anything really. Salty Pimp anyone?


Max Brenners, 841 Broadway

Chocolate by the Bald Man. There’s a reason they call this the chocolate bar, they take any food and dessert you can think of, and add a chocolate twist to it. Hug a mug of hot chocolate and try the chocolate pizza!

10 below, 132 Allen St.

Forget about ice cream scoops, head to this small dessert cafe in Chinatown for ice cream rolls topped with whatever fits your fancy.

I CE NY, 101 Macdougal St.

More ice cream rolls in this adorable location in Greenwich Village.

Snow Days, 167 7th Ave S.

Come here for some shaved ice, that has both the fuzzy texture of snow and the rich creaminess of ice cream.

Magnolia Bakery, 401 Bleecker St.

Well known for its vintage decor, tasty baked goods, and appearance on “Sex and the City” (this location opened way back in 1996!). You can get anything you want here, from cupcakes to cakes, but we suggest trying their banana pudding. Just do it.

Taiyaki, 119 Baxter St.

A small Japanese ice cream shop serving soft serve with crazy flavors, like matcha and black sesame, in fish shaped cones!

Serendipity 3, 225 E 60th St.

What’s a list of dessert locations without mentioning Serendipty 3, the ultimate dessert destination. If you can’t pick anything from their crazy menu, try their signature drink – Frozen Hot Chocolate

Levain Bakery, 167 W 74th St.

Oversized, extra chocolate, extra chewy, cookies. Definitely worth the distance.

Bingbox Snow Cream, 125 2nd Ave.

More elaborate shaved ice cream…

Baked By Melissa, 7 E 14th St.

You could always hop across the street, grab a box of these incredibly delicious bite sized cupcakes (how can something so small be bursting with so much flavor?), and relax in your dorm.

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Annemarie Imnadze is an undeclared freshman and Co-Campus Correspondent of the Her Campus Chapter at The New School.
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