Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

With October coming to a close and Halloween finally arriving this week, we're trying to squeeze every last bit of spooky fun out of this month. Here are five horror movies to help you keep the Halloween spirit alive for this last week of October! 

  1. 1. For a Suspenseful Slasher - Green Room

    Green Room follows a punk rock band that when desperate for a gig, accepts a show at a club for Neo-Nazis. Things take a violent turn when the band witness one of the white power skinheads murder a girl. Locked in the club's green room with heavily armed Neo-Nazis blocking all their exits, the band must find a way to escape. 

  2. 2. For a Zombie Movie with a Heart - Train to Busan

    Seok-woo is with his daughter on a train to Busan when a rabid zombie outbreak takes hold of South Korea. All the passengers are stuck on the train, with zombies taking over carriage by carriage. Each city the train passes has also been overtaken by zombies, Busan reamins the passengers' only hope for fellow survivors. Together, they try to survive and make it to Busan.

  3. 3. For Something so Bad it's Good - Leprechaun

    A man steals gold coins from a leprechaun while on vacation in Ireland. The murderous leprechaun tries to seek revenge but is locked away...until a decade later when unwitting neighbors release him! If that premise alone isn't enough for you, there's also the fact that Jennifer Anniston is in this for some reason. 

  4. 4. For a Witchy Good Time - The Craft

    New student Sarah just transffered to a high school in LA where she meets Bonnie, Rochelle, and Nancy. All of the girls have a strong interest in witchcraft. And with Sarah joining them, they finally have enough witches to form a coven. Things start to get out of hand when Nancy tries to call on dark powers beyond their scope.

  5. 5. For Fans of Gore - Audition

    A widower decides it's time to get back out there. Along with a friend in the film business, the widower sets up a fake production to lure young women into auditioning to be his next girlfriend. The widower is taken with a young, reserved woman. But it soon becomes clear she's not who she says she is. 

Hope these horror movies make for an entertaining last week of October!