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Saie Beauty Makes Their First Appearance at the Allure Store

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

The increasingly popular makeup brand Saie hosted a meet & greet on Thursday, October 14th at the Allure Store for the very first time. Pronounced “say,” this newly founded label made its way to Downtown NYC at 191 Lafayette Street for a casual and chic event with long-time customers and curious newcomers. Both free and open to the public, the Saie team brought good vibes and a new product experience for everyone. From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., oat milk lattes were served with a smile and visitors received shade matches for the Slip Tint, Saie’s award-winning tinted moisturizer. 

Founder and CEO Laney Crowell connected with and walked guests through the line’s selections at the Allure Store, which opened its doors three months ago. Crowell launched Saie in 2019 with plans to make clean and sustainable waves in the makeup industry after she noticed the lack of brands that were eco-friendly with natural ingredients. Since then, this brand has been a hugely influential force in the change towards clean makeup. The Creative Director of Saie, Geri Hirsch, attended the 2021 Self Care Summit, virtually organized by Create & Cultivate, in June to host a roundtable discussion on the Clean Beauty Revolution. This conversation focused on the rising demand for both sustainable ingredients and ethical business practices in the beauty industry. 

“As important as it is for me to realize what I put in my body, I should have that same mindset of what to put on my body.”

– Lauren Lauigan, Head of Community at Saie

For Crowell, it’s clear that the health of both our skin and the environment is non-negotiable. Lauren Lauigan, the Head of Community at Saie and latte server at the event, echoed these same sentiments to me. She explained, “As important as it is for me to realize what I put in my body, I should have that same mindset of what to put on my body. Having clean ingredients and knowing what I’m putting on my skin gives me a better peace of mind.”

Saie’s Slip Tint reflects this desire for safer and more natural ingredient lists in beauty products in the market today. Known as a hot commodity, it’s no wonder that the Slip Tint was also the star product at the meet & greet with praise by Allure in 2021 as The Best of Clean Beauty. This combo of a tinted moisturizer and mineral SPF became a fan-favorite due to its transparency of clean ingredients. With grape seed and coconut oils, aloe vera, licorice root and more plant-based extracts, this product exemplified the needs of eco-conscious consumers who are definitely doing their research.

The Slip Tint is still available at the Allure Store for beauty lovers to shop IRL and online. If you need a personal recommendation for a shade match, send the makeup brand a DM or text “Saie” to 1 (833) 761-742. Remember to check out Saie and the Allure Store on their socials for upcoming events!

Saie: @saiebeauty
Allure Store: @theallurestore
Fatima Coulibaly

New School '22

Fatima is currently in her senior year at the New School, where she studies Journalism + Design. Outside of her academics, she's constantly (and happily) falling down the rabbit hole of skincare and selfcare. If she's not talking about beauty, then she's probably practicing her skills in Spanish or Portuguese.