Not-So-Common Dream Symbols and What They Mean

We’ve all had those weird dreams where you're left wondering how on earth did your subconscious come up with such a scenario. You were talking to your mom but it wasn’t your mom, or you were hanging out with your best friend from high school only to realize you're not best friends with Beyonce! (Traumatic, I know). In any case, here are some not-so-common dream symbols that will hopefully direct you through the hellscape that is your subconscious. 


 Water is the state of conciseness. Whether it’s a lake, an ocean, or even a bathtub filled with water, it reflects how you’re truly feeling. If the water is choppy and rough, you’ve got a lot going on. You're stressed, whether it be work, school, a relationship. Anything. If it’s calm and soothing, your inner self is at peace. You’re okay.

A Presentation

Maybe you’re rehearsing for that big presentation you have coming up, and suddenly you choke. Whatever the case may be, you’re on an elevated platform in front of people. That is terrifying in and of itself. However, in the dream, it can represent how you want others to view you. What are you wearing? How are you acting? Do you breeze through the presentation or do you stumble?


These are like Presentations, but they focus more on the inner self. Depending on how you performed during your dream recital and how good you felt about it, it reflects your self-confidence and self-esteem. A factor to also consider is the type of music you were dancing to/playing, as it adds yet another layer to how you’re feeling. 


You’re in a car. Are you driving? Are you a passenger in the front or back seat? Dissecting even the smallest details of your dreams could mean the most. Driving represents your life. Are you in the backseat and let other people take the reins, or are you right at the wheel, steering where you want to go in life? 


A house represents the soul and the self. How you’re feeling on the outside. Is it decaying or in good condition? When you’re inside a house, individual rooms have different meanings, as well. The attic houses your intellect, the basement is your subconscious, etc. If you feel the house moving, it indicates that you’re going through some uneasy changes. And those are just the basics! 


Now I know this is a common one, but it is so intricate that I feel like I had to go into depth a little bit, so even can understand the symbolism of the monster that is death. In dreams, death could be a start to a new beginning, the renewal of your inner self, the end of your old house and your old habits. Whatever the case may be, you've moved on. Sorry, old you can't come to the phone right now, why? 'Cause she's dead. 

But I digress. 

Death could also serve as a wake-up call. Death is so traumatic and prevalent; your subconscious does not want you to ignore it so using it in a dream was no accident. You need to take action. Think about the feeling you had when experienced 'death' in your dream and see if you can pinpoint whether you feel similarly to another situation in your waking life.

It could also mean escape. Maybe you just want to leave, escape the obligations you have in your everyday life, or a stressful job or a relationship. Taking this all into consideration, as Dreammoods, the dictionary for dream symbolism states: "Your dream of death should usually not be taken literally. Look at the dream death as symbolic of something in your waking life that is changing or ending."

Dreaming in a Dream

This technique in dreaming symbolizes you are separating yourself from your consciousness literally. It serves as a layer of protection. Letting you confront feelings you wouldn’t necessarily otherwise in your initial dream state. Weird, I know. 

In conclusion, details are everything. Even the slight difference between presentation and recital could change the way you interpret your dream, or the color of your house, the background music if there is any background music. And even then, good luck trying to dissect every strand of rainbow-colored grass. 

[Feature Image by Shuttershock]