A Museum to Match Your Mood

After visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art many years ago, I was certain that I needed to move to NYC. All my life I dreamed of one day calling Manhattan home, but the Met shifted what seemed to be a fantasy into a real life goal. That being said, there isn’t a day that passes by that I’m not craving another visit to any museum scattered throughout the city. Whether I’m stressed because of midterms, or feeling romantic, there's always a museum to match my mood. In a city that has so many people, it can often (ironically) feel lonely. But, worry no more, museums like the Whitney or Dream House make great company (and won’t bore you to tears like that date you’ve been avoiding, but might resort to since you have nothing better to do).

If you're feeling silly

Nothing says “treat yo self” after a long week like jumping in a bouncy house made of blow up boobs. Maybe you’re in desperate need of a good laugh or you’ve consumed way too many lattes today and you’re at that prime (and questionably scary) hyper state, either way, The Museum of Sex is definitely where you'll want to go considering how interactive the exhibits are. Not only will you be shocked by the history and evolution of sex, sex toys, and so on, but you'll definitely be in for a good laugh (because I’m a firm believer that regardless of age, you’re going to laugh when you see a vagina wig).

If you're feeling romantic

Head to the Met’s Cloisters if you feel like watching Crazy, Stupid, Love isn’t enough to curb your romance craving (I recommend doing both). The Cloisters are a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that compiles artifacts including art, architecture, and gardens from medieval Europe. This dreamy setting will definitely bring you back to the time of love letters and hidden romances. You can bring a date, or stroll alone with a book or playlist in hand.

If you're feeling stressed out

With midterms finally coming to an end and final projects rapidly approaching, everyone’s stress level is at an all-time high. Last time I went to the doctor, she noticed that I had the blood pressure of a 65-year-old stock broker, she suggested a stress ball or some herbal tea. But, I have found a better solution for myself and other students alike: Dream House. It’s free to go into the exhibits, which already might relieve some of your stress if you’ve been worried about student debt (welcome to the club). When visiting Dream House, you step into a room and feel like you’ve entered an alternate universe/yogi heaven. Can’t get that paper off your mind? Dream House’s mixture of sound and light installations will help.

If you're feeling active

New York City can be viewed as a museum itself. The endless unique individuals you pass on the street, the varying architecture on every block, and interpretive street art are Manhattan’s version of exhibits, and the best part is that it changes and evolves each and every day. If you’re in the mood to explore and engage in some physical activity other than walking from your bed to the fridge (unlikely), try roaming around the Meatpacking district and other downtown neighborhoods for some cool finds. 

If you're feeling moody

If you’re having one of those days where you can’t pinpoint exactly what your mood is, but you’re definitely feeling some type of way, either visit the Whitney Museum of American Art or the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Both of these museums feature modern, abstract art that will encourage some critical thinking and possibly self-reflection. Why pay a psychic $30, when you can head over to these museums and do some soul searching with the help of Andy Warhol and Nan Goldin (plus, I don’t think psychics accept student discounts). These works of art are not only stunning to look at, but they also leave room for interpretation which gives you the opportunity to explore your own thoughts and perspectives.